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It is crucial that schools and educational institutions keep a close eye on their confidential documents, especially regarding their students. Student records can project highly sensitive information that could devastate the educational institution if there was a breach in security.

Piggy Bank IconEducational Facilities Need To Budget Better

By being on a regular PROSHRED service route, we can service your school or college more efficiently and pass the savings to you. Our ongoing shredding service also helps spread your costs allowing you to budget more effectively.

Gavel IconMeeting State and Federal Legislation

New state and federal regulations like FACTA require educational institutions and non-profit organizations to protect the confidential information of their student and faculty. Having a document destruction audi trail from PROSHRED's regular shredding services helps you be more compliant with these regulations.

Check out our Educational Brochure and FERPA Legislation Update to find out more:

Read the full brochure on shredding programs for educational institutions Read the brochure on the 2008 FERPA Legislation Update

Sofa IconClear Unnecessary Clutter And Save Time

The amount of time it takes for your employees to store documents in file boxes costs money and takes up space. PROSHRED’s scheduled service saves you and your employees countless hours every year, which gives room for the more important things.

Leaf IconWe Recycle 100% Of All Shreded Documents

PROSHRED provides educational institutions and non-profit organizations with a “TreeSaver” Certificate showing how many trees were saved during the year from shredding. Be proud of being green!

Box IconTake Advantage Of Our RISC Program

Many educational institutions have adopted our Residential Information Security Containers (RISC) program to keep special “RISC” boxes near an administrator’s or teacher’s desk. Once the person is finished using a specific document and no longer needs it, they can store it in a RISC box (similar to a banker’s box). Once PROSHRED makes its monthly or weekly collections, that RISC box goes into the main PROSHRED bin, at which point it is shredded on-site. The RISC program had great success in school districts across the United States with participating students, parents and teachers.

Check out our customer video testimonial from a local non-profit organization:

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