Residential Shredding

Residential Shredding

Residential Shredding


House IconKeep your Home Safe with Residential Shredding Services

Instances of personal identity theft continue to rise in the U.S., and as these crimes continue to grow homeowners turn to a professional residential shredding service to safeguard their valuable personal information.

Box IconResidential Information Security Containers (RISCs)

Disposing of your personal documents in your trashcan or street dumpster leaves it susceptible to prying eyes and wandering hands. PROSHRED’s Residential Information Security Containers (RISCs) are the first step toward reducing these dangerous risks by offering your home one convenient, central, and secure container to collect and keep confidential papers until your residential shredding service arrives for disposal.

Truck IconA Residential Shredding Service Tailored to You

RISC boxes are the first step on your household’s path to personal security, the next step being the decision of which unique residential shredding service is best fit for you and your schedule. Drop-off services allow for convenient access when you’re ready so you can continually keep your personal documents safeguarded as they accumulate. On-site services on the other hand offer additional ease and convenience by coming straight to your location to professionally and securely destroy and shred your documents on the spot. 

United States IconA Residential Shredding Service For Your Local Community

Additional unique services offered by PROSHRED include the local shredding events hosted in central areas across the country. These events allow your entire community to become involved in the fight against identity theft and personal crime, helping benefit everyone involved. State-of-the-art on-site mobile shredding trucks used for these events offer the secure destruction of confidential documents around your home or office and offer the unique opportunity to foster safety and security throughout your local community. 

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