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Secure Desk Policy

OverviewA secure desk policy is used to ensure all sensitive and confidential materials are removed from workspaces and locked away when the documents are not being used or disposed of in a secure container to be shredded. This is one of the top strategies to reduce the risk of a security breach in the workplace.

California Consumer Privacy Act: What Your Business Should Know

Consumer privacy and the way companies manage personal data are top-of-mind subjects for much of the world after the GDPR was enacted and enforced. While the European Union has placed formalized actions for the regulation of how data is stored, collected, and transferred, the United States has still not enacted any formal regulations nationwide.  

January is “Clean Desk Month” – Do It Right!

Make 2018 The Most Secure Year Yet! The New Year always brings opportunities to start with a fresh slate. It’s standard practice to form resolutions to improve our habits, lifestyle, and organization. As you pen your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to add: privacy protection. January is the perfect time to improve the way you

Help Stop Fraud At PROSHRED® Shredding Events!

Don’t Miss Out On PROSHRED’s Shredding Events – Stop Fraud! PROSHRED® offers the highest quality shredding services on a purge and ongoing basis, every day. But what you may not know is that we also host shredding events for communities across the United States very frequently! If you have never used a dedicated shredding service

Comply With Various Legislation With Document Shredding

No Matter What Industry Your Business Operates In, PROSHRED® Is Ready To Help With Document Shredding Services In the United States there are many different pieces of legislation affecting business operations on a daily basis. Operating protocols, including the management and disposal of certain types of information is amongst the many concerns businesses across America

How PROSHRED® is Protecting the Identities of Students Through Document Destruction

Document destruction is a practice which, once seldom, has become commonplace in many different industries. Every day thousands of doctors and lawyers depend on the services of document destruction to keep theirs, and their customers’ identities and sensitive information protected. With the increasing number of home offices, document destruction services have been increasing at residential

Paper Shredding Services That Work For Everyone

Paper Shredding Services That Work For Everyone With the landscape of the modern workplace changing constantly, PROSHRED® recognizes that many businesses have different needs at different capacities. This is why we offer so many different hard drive and paper shredding service options, including purge, recurring, on-site, and hard drive service options. We offer paper shredding services

PROSHRED helps victims of Hurricane Harvey

PROSHRED® will donate a portion of its proceeds to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey Over the past few days, Hurricane Harvey hovered over Houston dumping 20 to 30 inches of rain on already saturated streets, killing people and prompting evacuations of apartment complexes and dramatic rescues. This situation has profoundly affected the PROSHRED® family not

Protect Yourself this Summer with PROSHRED® Security

Enjoy Your Summer Vacation and Let PROSHRED® Keep You Safe Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy your much needed vacation. It’s also a time when identity thieves and burglars get busy targeting empty homes and businesses hoping to score valuable data. While we may be getting better about protecting our information regularly,

The benefits of having onsite shredding available for paper or electronics

Jeffrey Hasham, CEO of Redishred Capital Corp., speaks on the benefits of having onsite shredding available for paper or electronics. People secure their information by way of virus protection, they secure their information by having alarm systems in their company. A lot of companies do not utilize a shredding service for their paper or their

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