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Shredding Services: Which Service is the Best Solution?

Choosing the Best Fit for Your Shredding Service Needs   Many businesses across the Miami metropolitan area collect a considerable amount of private and sensitive information over time. While some data needs to be retained for a limited period of time, other data must be destroyed in a safe, secure manor. After all, everything from…

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Why Document Shredding is Critical for Your Business in 2018

PROSHRED® Syracuse- Document Shredding is Key Businesses can’t afford to carelessly dispose of sensitive documents in 2018. Identity thieves and other criminals hunt for documents that provide the data they need to compromise sensitive information. The federal and state governments have enacted laws that require businesses to safeguard documents that contain personal and confidential information, particularly…

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Shredding Services for a More Secure 2018

The Key to Security is as Simple as Investing in Secure Shredding Services Identity theft is one of the top reasons that businesses are put at risk. Ensuring all unwanted papers and documents that have vital information are appropriately disposed of is essential. One way of doing this is by shredding them with a certified shredding…

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Costs of Information Security in Northern Virginia

Why Businesses are turning to Shredding Services   Modern businesses produce a huge amount of data, which can be both a blessing and a curse. The production of business documents can be good because the information can allow managers to refine the company's business practices. This could also turn into a huge security liability. A…

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Paper Shredding in Milwaukee & Miscellaneous Items

Shredding: It's Not All about Paper Anymore   The business of paper shredding is changing rapidly. Nowadays, not only do shredding companies deal with paper, but take care of all forms of cyber devices, clothing, handbags, plastic containers, work uniforms, and more. The industry now fits into a wide range of “information security” services like…

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Paper Shredding Security Levels – What You Need to Know

Understanding Paper Shredding Security Levels to Determine Which Is Required In today's world, more than at any time before, the need to maintain security throughout all aspects of business is necessary. Information flows electronically between departments more and more, but the use of paper to disseminate information in an organization is still commonplace. This can…

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Paper Shredding: The Benefits for Your Business

Paper Shredding Services in Charlotte, NC Do you have a myriad of concerns as the owner or manager of business enterprise? One issue that many business owners have is grappling with is the proper disposal of documents. As a business owner you may be giving consideration to engaging a professional paper shredding service. There are some…

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Top Benefits of Document Shredding

Document Shredding in Albany, NY   In today’s identity theft and data breach world, the importance of document shredding in Albany, NY cannot be overemphasized. Identity theft can happen with an individual or a company. Whether the documents involved are credit card statements or completed contracts, having this information openly displayed, or in an unlocked…

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Importance of NAID AAA Certification

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, but I am back and ready to give you some more information on shredding. So, in previous posts I have gone over some of the “shredding lingo”, “how to prepare for your one time purge” and, for those of you that have small amounts of material how…

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How a File Shredder Ensures ‘Complete Removal’ of Deleted Data?

By Kanika Sharma

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