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Costs of Information Security – Northern Virginia

Professional Destruction Services to Protect Information Security   Information security is a hot topic with a data breach occurring on an almost weekly basis. If you handle any personally identifiable information (PII) in your company, this issue should be at the forefront of your security planning. Not only could you suffer from direct financial consequences…

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Small Business Data Security Best Practices

Tips on Going Pro with Your Business Data Security   Business data security is a concern shared by all business owners. Whether you run a big, medium, or small business, you need to ensure that your personal and customer data is secured. To ensure that your business data is secure, we recommend that you embrace…

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Seven Steps to Create Your Security Plan

With all the news about national companies being hacked and having information stolen, you may be wondering how you can possibly protect your business against the same threats on your limited budget. The first step is to create a solid information security plan. It doesn't have to be overly complicated or technical.     You…

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Wondering What to Shred?

An Outline of Documents to Keep and What to Shred   With identity theft on the rise and the incident of security breaches at institutions like banks compromising the personal information of thousands, if not millions of customers, the topic of how to properly secure important data and what to shred is becoming a growing…

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Benefits of Using a Professional Shredding Company in Milwaukee

Leveraging Professional Shredding Services   Personal shredding has many benefits: efficient cost, convenient, and little maintenance. There are many opportunities when your business could benefit from professional shredding services. PROSHRED® Milwaukee professional shredding takes care of the entire document disposal lifecycle for you:  pick up of your sensitive documents, properly and securely shred your documents…

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Why Choose the Pros for Sensitive Document Disposal

The Key to Secure Sensitive Document Disposal     Sensitive document disposal is something that can't be taken lightly in the office setting. Information belonging to clients gets passed around for various transactions to take place within  different departments and possibly other entities. For this reason, there are a set of guidelines and best practices that…

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Learn What to Shred For Your Business and Home

What to Shred and What Not to Shred  There have been countless cases of identity theft and fraud so, taking preventative measures to reduce such incidences in both your home and workplace is quite imperative when considering what to shred. Shredding is a secure way you can get rid of documents containing sensitive information concerning…

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Differences between Offsite and Onsite Shredding Services

The Difference Between Offsite and Onsite Shredding Service Benefits for Your Company   When it comes to upholding company safety and defending against identity theft, disposing of records properly is of the utmost importance. File-shredding is the most common approach to secure record destruction and due to the popularity, there is a huge market of file-shredding…

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3 Must Haves for Secure Shredding in Albany

Simple Secure Shredding   Many businesses invest heavily in IT security. Business owners understand the importance of protecting online files, email during transmission and chat logs. Curiously, however, many employers don't consider the genuine risk of hardcopy documents getting into the wrong hands. This is where secure shredding with PROSHRED® Albany comes into play! Poor document…

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Is Your Business on the Brink of Destruction?

With today’s technological advancements, there are many ways for companies to ensure protection of confidential information.  Shredding paper documents is common for businesses of all sizes.  What most businesses don’t realize is that simply destroying their confidential printed documents does nothing to protect the…

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