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Benefits of Data Destruction

What Are the Benefits of Data Destruction? Hiring an electronic data destruction service might seem a bit overboard until you consider all of the implications of a data breach to your business or medical practice.  Properly handling the private information of your clients and/or patients, as well as, yourself and your employees is vital to…

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3 Tips to Organize Your Files

Employers or employees can encounter a number of identity or data theft emergencies that have potential long-term business safety implications if they are not handled by an on-site professional hard-drive destruction and shredding company. One of the most common reasons that businesses bring their used hard drives for PROSHRED®’s professional shredding is because they forgot…

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Protecting Your Small Business from Data Theft

Protecting the security of your sensitive information is key not just to your business’ financial success, but it’s very solvency and life. Statistics show that within two years of suffering a major data breach, 80% of small and medium-sized businesses go bankrupt and close down. The lawsuits and negative publicity from such a breach can…

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Shredding for Sustainability

Often times we forget that the proper shredding of papers, private or otherwise, isn’t always just about information security. While this does tend to be the main focus, and for good reason, there is another side to the act of shredding. All material disposed of in this way is processed and sent to be recycled,…

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Paper Shredding Near You: How to Choose the Right Partner in Baltimore

On the hunt for secure paper shredding service near you? Finding the right document destruction partner is important for your Baltimore business, as it keeps your information secure and helps you stay within in local legislative compliance. Before you choose a company to partner with, make sure you can trust them to get the job…

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Why Trust Document Destruction with PROSHRED® Washington DC?

PROSHRED® Washington DC is a locally owned leader in providing document destruction services to businesses in Washington. We help large and small businesses safeguard private information and adhere to compliance standards with our unique shredding services. Continue reading to learn how we can advance your business’ security initiatives, how our process works, and what procedures…

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Make Shredding Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Warm weather is right around the corner, and for many that means it’s time to start cleaning and organizing to get a fresh start for spring. The urge to purge has gotten an extra boost this year from the popularity of Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant whose KonMari decluttering method has captured the attention…

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Sustainable Shredding Services in Dallas & Fort Worth

Texas business owners and employees are realizing the importance of sustainable practices in every business aspect. From trying to use recyclable office supplies to finding sustainable shredding services nearby, every effort is worth it. Protecting the environment is a responsibility that falls directly on those that inhabit it, also known as US! Luckily, Dallas –…

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The Unfortunate Disadvantages of Manual Office Shredders

Does your Office Shredder Still Have Your Back?

Years ago, most businesses relied on office shredders to shred confidential information. This process was accepted by most as a secure practice. However, the downsides of using a manual shredder started to emerge. The Unfortunate Disadvantages of Manual Office Shredders Although considered beneficial at one time, office shredding equipment has several distinct downsides: Takes up…

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Tax Tips: Which Documents to Destroy This Tax Season

The natural tendency when filing taxes is to hold on to every piece of documentation just in case you need it in the future. Everyone fears IRS audits which can take place at any time. Whether you’re dealing with business taxes or personal taxes, the information below can help you know which documents to hang on to and when you…

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We have had Proshred come to our residence twice in the past year to take and shred old documents and records. We couldn't have been more satisfied with the results. From making the appointment to the arrival of the truck, the whole experience was a pleasure. Fast service and a very courteous and helpful driver made getting rid of old papers so easy. Would highly recommend this service.


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