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shredding eventsPROSHRED® offers the highest quality shredding services on a purge and ongoing basis, every day. But what you may not know is that we also host shredding events for communities across the United States very frequently! If you have never used a dedicated shredding service before, or just want to see why thousands of businesses trust us to shred their documents, this is the perfect opportunity to check out  how participating in a shredding event helps to stop fraud!  You can keep up to date with our upcoming shredding events by checking out the website for the closest PROSHRED® location close to you. Here is a list of the various cities and counties we serve.

Before You Get There

One of the biggest roadblocks most new clients run into before shredding their documents is determining what to shred and what to keep. The answer for this depends on many factors. Who you are (business or personal), what industry you operate in (if business), and whether you have any internal protocols to adhere to can influence which documents you should destroy, and which you should keep. Generally speaking, having a retention and destruction policy is the best way to determine what to shred and what to keep. Here are some tips to consider when creating your game plan:

  • Determine what you need to keep. Determining what absolutely needs to stay depends on whether your business is subject to any legislations (see our summary of current relevant legislation here), or any office policies for day to day operation.
  • Determine how long you need to keep certain documents. Tax returns for example are only required to be held for a certain number of years depending on your situation. This tip will help streamline your paper load in the future, and help you plan ahead for future shred events if you decide to attend again!
  • Gather the rest! Once you have your documents organized, determine what should be destroyed and what can be recycled. Bring the results to us!

In addition to these tips, it can be helpful to know of which documents are suggested to be shredded. Chances are you are planning to toss more documents in the recycle bin than you should.

Here are a few documents you might not have considered shredding:

Boarding Passes

These are important to destroy after reaching your final destination. These contain booking ID’s and even frequent flier numbers, which thieves can use to get information on your travel plans and even alter plans on you.

Funeral Pamphlets

It is sadly common for thieves to apply for loans, tax returns, credit card accounts and more using the names and surnames of the deceased. Ensure the birth date and maiden name is not listed anywhere as well.


These documents are essentially personal summaries about yourself. They contain a lot of personal information including your work history, address and contact information. Having resumes land in the wrong hands can spell all sorts of trouble.

Following these tips will help you get the most out of our shredding event. Check out our regional websites to see events coming near you soon!

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A great document destruction company. They had reliable affordable pricing and my documents were quickly destroyed. We will never use anyone else for our document destruction needs.

- William Garrison. Atlanta, GA

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