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Keep Your Houston Office Organized with a One-time Purge

Have you recently noticed that your Houston office is becoming too cluttered?  Perhaps desks are covered with files and in general, there seems to be a lack of organization. If so, this might be the perfect opportunity to turn your office around!  Unless documents are being referenced and used on an ongoing basis, records that…

Posted By: PROSHRED® of Houston


Why a Document Retention Policy is Critical

There are a number of components that contribute to effective information security, but a detailed document retention policy is one that’s crucial and shouldn’t be left by the wayside. Knowing what sensitive records should be stored and which to shred is an importance that should be at the forefront of every business. This is especially…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale

clean desk policy

PROSHRED Syracuse Can Help with Your Clean-Desk Policy

In a typical Syracuse business, office desks are often covered in work supplies, as well as sensitive documents that have private information. A clean desk policy ensures that confidential information remains protected and safeguarded when employees leave their desk for a break or at the end of their work day. When it comes to internal…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Syracuse

document retention policy

A Document Retention Policy: Why it’s Important

In relation to successful information security, it’s critical that certain aspects are factored in your regular business processes. As such, a detailed document retention policy is extremely important for the protection of your Denver business. Determining what sensitive records require secure storage, and which should be disposed of properly, should really be at the forefront of every…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Denver

Computer with telephone in office

A Messy Office May Be a Security Risk for Your Denver Business

Sensitive business data is critical to keep protected. While awareness surrounding information theft and fraud is growing, crimes pertaining to both continue to take place throughout Denver, and the rest of the United States. What can your organization do to reduce the chances of experiencing either of these incidences? To start, it’s simply vital that…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Denver

document shredding

Partnering with a Document Shredding Company: What to Keep in Mind

If you are like the majority of companies in the Denver area, you may be finding that as your business grows office space is dwindling at the same time. Your filing cabinets may be beyond capacity and there’s just not enough room for further records storage; this is a common problem, but one that can…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Denver


Reasons to Hire a Professional Shredding Service

The need to be secure with your sensitive information documents is more critical than ever. Lawyers, doctors, and other businesses or service providers who regularly work with sensitive information for clients - from legal findings, to social security numbers, to addresses with credit card information or health information - all have…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Delaware


Stay Ahead Of Security Breaches With Secure On-Site Shredding

The possibility of information breaches can strike fear in the hearts of many business owners, and understandably so. That's why it's crucial for businesses of all sizes to invest in on-site paper shredding services. If you are interested in secure on-site shredding for your business' most sensitive and confidential papers, PROSHRED® New York is the solution for…

Posted By: PROSHRED® New York


Protect Your Charlotte Business With Secure Shredding

Identity theft has become a major concern for Charlotte businesses, and an office security breach is no laughing matter. According to a 2016 report from the Identity Theft Research Center, more than 470 office security breaches have been reported between January 1st and June 14th, affecting the sensitive private records of over 12 million people…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Charlotte


How To Know When To Shred & What Should Be Shredded

One of the results of living in the Information Age is that businesses compile tremendous amounts of data. Some of it is digital, and some of it is physical. Some has to be kept forever, and some can be destroyed. Determining when should documents be shredded and what should be shredded requires knowing a plethora…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Milwaukee


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