Understanding Mobile Cyber Threats

Today we’re talking about security threats that target mobile devices, and how to lower the risks they pose to businesses. Cyber threats have begun targeting mobile devices more frequently as smartphones and tablets become part of our daily lives. They store the same valuable personal and professional information found on our laptops and desktops and…

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Cyber Crime is a Real Threat to Minnesota Businesses; Here’s How To Fight it

Living in the internet age you’re likely familiar with the term “cyber-crime”.  Cyber-crimes are essentially just criminal activities carried out through computers or the internet. Cyber breaches are extremely serious concerns that cost American businesses on average, $7 million in 2016. What’s even more concerning is that the frequency and prevalence of cyber crime is…

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Certificate Of Destruction: What Does It Mean & Why Do You Need One?

  A Document shredding service is one which requires a lot of trust in the provider on behalf of the customer. PROSHRED Tampa recognizes the importance of not only gaining the trust of our customers, but also on following through and maintaining that trust. It is for this reason and more that PROSHRED Tampa is…

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Mobile Security Tips: Your Computer Isn’t The Only Device You Should Be Protecting!

  PROSHRED is one of the most reputable providers in Northern Virginia for secure document destruction services. Our team strives daily to keep your data secure. But we realize the reality today that information can be leaked from more sources than paper documents. Computers have become a massive target for the collection of sensitive information…

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Professional Document Shredding & Your Legal Obligations

  You might have never considered the idea of using a professional document shredding service before. One thing to keep in mind however, is that professional document destruction services actually help keep your Albany business or operation in check with the law. In the United States there is much legislation involving the destruction and disposal…

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With Home Offices Growing in Number, Are You Keeping Your Documents Safe?

By now you might have started to get an understanding for concerns regarding information privacy and security. The exposure of confidential information can be detrimental to not only individuals, but to your business as a whole. The reality is that information breaches can occur anywhere, including at home. With the increased reliance on computers to…

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New Law Improves Hard Drive Destruction Services in NJ

You may not be aware, but in early 2016 the state of New Jersey officially signed PL 2015, c. 188, a law regarding the environmental requirements of electronic device shredding. The law officially removed certain (seemingly arbitrary) restrictions on the mobile shredding services and has since opened up the greater hard drive destruction…

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Why Professional Hard Drive Shredding?

Occasionally, a thorough clean-out is what every company needs for a fresh start. Sadly however, several companies continue to store irrelevant data in the event that they may need to reference it down the road. In most cases however, this almost never takes place and the only thing you’re doing by…

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Top Reasons a Paper Shredding Service is Necessary

Shredding Service Can Help Keep You Secure   We live in a world where information security is more important than ever and breaches are on the rise. One of the top reasons for a breach is information not being disposed properly. We list some of the top reasons why hiring a professional…

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PROSHRED New York offers a residential shredding service

What Should Be Shredded?

Do You Know What You Should Shred?   Identity theft is an industry that is responsible for millions of dollars in damages a year. Identity thieves are bold but most of them time, it is fairly simple for an identity thief to acquire your information. Items that may seem safe to you…

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