Dangers Of Office Shredders | Invest in On-Site Shredding

The Dangers of an In-Office Shredder Shredding confidential materials is the responsible thing to do. Like many business owners, you may rely on in-house office shredders to get the job done and probably assume that it's good enough. In reality, it's a flawed solution that gives you a false sense of security. When it comes…

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When Should You Shred?

When Should You Shred? You want to keep your company secure by properly disposing of any sensitive documents, but how do you know how long to keep things on file? Here are some common things you might have on file in paper form, and how long professionals recommend you keep them before you shred. Bank…

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Document Destruction Laws | When And What To Shred

Learn What to Shred in Charlotte Every year, millions of people are affected by identity theft. Both businesses and individuals are targets. Small businesses that have close connections to individuals are especially at risk. The more steps that are added to protect identity, the more creative the criminals are becoming. For example, the EMV microchips…

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5 Ways Mobile Shredding Services Benefit a Business

Every day, businesses handle thousands of documents, many of which include sensitive information. The documents range from employee records to proprietary information such as drawings or documents detailing company processes. When sensitive documents get into the wrong hands, competitors can gain an unfair advantage or customer financial data can get exposed, resulting in major legal…

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10 Surprising Things You Should Be Shredding

10 Surprising Things You Should Be Shredding You probably know you need to shred any document that contains sensitive personal or financial information such as Social Security number, account numbers, etc. (For a full list of what documents should be shredded, see When Should You Shred?) But there are many other things that shouldn’t be…

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Hidden Dangers of Junk Mail

The Hidden Dangers of Junk Mail

Getting unsolicited mail in your mailbox is annoying, but if you throw it out without shredding it first, it can become downright dangerous. Whether that mail comes from a national credit card issuer or a local business, chances are there’s a reason you’re getting it. Either you live in an area the organization wants to…

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PROSHRED Southern NJ Owner Recognized by South Jersey Biz Magazine

Recipients of the latest issue of South Jersey Biz magazine may just recognize a familiar face gracing the cover. The magazine recently highlighted PROSHRED Southern NJ President and owner Simone Bryerman alongside other area economic influencers. Bryerman was profiled as part of the magazine’s “Taking Risks” feature covering this year’s Outstanding Entrepreneurs an award that…

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This is Why We Offer On-site Hard Drive Shredding

An alarming study by a world data recovery leader Kroll Ontrack, revealed that sensitive information found on cell phones and hard drives is not being disposed of correctly. Why is this the Case? While many residents and organizations (53%) are under the impression that deleting or moving files to the "trash bin" is enough to eliminate…

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Can Your Recycling Bins Prevent A Breach in Security?

How comfortable would you be if you knew that someone was going through your office recycling bins right now? Unfortunately, recycling bins are a treasure trove for identity thieves. Documents kept in recycling bins are often sensitive, so theft of these documents can lead to everything from credit card fraud to an information security breach.…

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Banker’s boxes? Cross-cutting? Strip cutting? Mobile shredding? Secure pick? Drop off service? Huh?

  I am sure we have all called a shredding company or two and heard these terms and wondered what it all means. Thinking to yourself “All I want is to shred my documents securely and not worry that my information will fall into the wrong hands.” Here is a little…

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