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Why Document Shredding?

Consider a Document Shredding Service for Your Needs     The most obvious reason for companies to seek document shredding services is to keep them out of the hands of unauthorized personnel. Businesses and individuals still accumulate a lot of paper documents and store sensitive information long past when it is necessary to retain. Sensitive…

Levels of shredding

Paper Shredding Security Levels – What You Need to Know

Understanding Paper Shredding Security Levels to Determine Which Is Required In today's world, more than at any time before, the need to maintain security throughout all aspects of business is necessary. Information flows electronically between departments more and more, but the use of paper to disseminate information in an organization is still commonplace. This can…

dumpster diving

Learn What to Shred For Your Business and Home

What to Shred and What Not to Shred  There have been countless cases of identity theft and fraud so, taking preventative measures to reduce such incidences in both your home and workplace is quite imperative when considering what to shred. Shredding is a secure way you can get rid of documents containing sensitive information concerning…

secure information

Common Ways You May Be Putting Secure Information at Risk

Simple Mistakes That Can Affect Your Company & Your Job   It is increasingly common to see large companies entrenched in a data breach compromising hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of records containing personal information of clients, personnel and customers. Simple mistakes can lead to the loss of secure information and loss of a…

shredding events

Utilize Shredding Events with PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale For Your Law Firm

Utilize PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale's Shredding Events for your Law Firm Lawyers understand the importance of adhering to federal laws including FACTA and HIPAA when it’s time to dispose of old documents. What is surprising however is how many law offices don’t realize the danger they are putting themselves and their clients in by using a…


FACTA: What This Means & Why You Should Care

In the United States, all businesses to some degree are subject to federal legislation regarding day to day operations. Chances are, you aren’t familiar with all of these pieces but FACTA is one that your business should pay special attention to. Read on to learn more. FACTA stands for the Fact…

dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving is Directly Linked to Identity Theft

The end of the month is nearly here and while I am sure you are excited for summer to arrive, you may not be so excited about those month-end hefty bills. Sure, many residents now perform their banking online and as a result, don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of…

medical industry

HIPAA Mandates Secure Shredding for the Medical Industry

The majority of healthcare professionals in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the rest of the United States realize the importance behind protecting patient medical records. Not only that, it’s simply imperative that this information is shred thoroughly when disposed of, to prevent the potential for medical records to be unknowingly exposed. Tossing medical records…


Let PROSHRED® Fort Lauderdale Help Improve Your Security With Document Shredding

Fort Lauderdale Document Destruction & Identity Protection Document destruction and disposal of sensitive, personal, and confidential information is a vital part of your security. Many individuals hold onto an abundance of personal information, most of it taking up a lot of space in homes, when in reality it should be properly disposed of. People often find themselves…

stop fraud

Stop Fraud from Happening in Your Fort Lauderdale Workplace

Fraud exists and targets a number of industries on a  regular basis. Fraud can occur in a variety of manners and can be carried out in the form of theft, forgery, computer crime, and other “white collar” crimes. If your company is targeted by such a crime, it can cause significant consequences and unexpected liabilities for…


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I'm pleased to confirm receipt of your paid invoice and want to thank you for the service. Your driver, Emilio, called in advance to let me know approximately when to expect him, and when he arrived he was most professional, careful and thorough. I'm a semi-retired lawyer and, even though my job, in comparison to your usual jobs, was a small one, I could not be more satisfied. As I mentioned to Emilio, I can see why your service is rated the best of the professional shredding services in South Florida. You should know that I will highly recommend your service to my professional colleagues or to anyone else who needs professional shredding. Thank you. Bill Ploss

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