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Avoiding Data Breaches through Physical Security

When it comes to protecting a company from cybersecurity threats and data breaches, most people think they only need to protect their databases and servers from harm. What they tend to forget is that cybersecurity also means increasing defenses and preventive measures of the physical kind. Now: People who are truly aware of the dangers…


Why You Should Recycle Your Electronics Instead of Throwing Them Away

The business world has seen many changes over the years, and it is quickly evolving with new technologies. These newer and more advanced computers, printers, phone systems and other electronics make running a business easier by providing solutions to obstacles one may have faced in the past. With faster and more efficient processes, why would…


Why Not Performing An Annual Shredding Event To Purge Old Files Could Be Putting Your Business At Risk!

Should I Shred Documents Annually? Shredding old files may seem like a minor task compared to other daily business responsibilities. In reality, file purging is one of the most important steps to preserving your company’s livelihood and reputation. Loose paper and old files make it easy for thieves to get their hands on personal information…


Keep Your Houston Office Organized with a One-time Purge

Have you recently noticed that your Houston office is becoming too cluttered?  Perhaps desks are covered with files and in general, there seems to be a lack of organization. If so, this might be the perfect opportunity to turn your office around!  Unless documents are being referenced and used on an ongoing basis, records that…


Improve Your Internal Security with a Clean-Desk Policy

Have you heard of the term “hot desking” and has your Houston organization ever considered trying it?  If this is an entirely new term for you, essentially it’s a process in which your staff are not limited to assigned seating or desks; rather, employees have the option to move throughout the office as they wish to perform…


How PROSHRED® Security Can Help You Comply with Privacy Protection Laws

Identity theft is a horrific, expensive crime. According to the Identity Theft.info website, almost 15 million residents per year in the United States alone have had their identities used for fraudulent purposes. This has cost 7 percent of United States citizens about $3,500 in losses each year--which includes legal fees spent towards restoring their true…


Why Use PROSHRED® Security Houston? Hear Are 7 Reasons

1. It’s Personal to us! – We are customer centric… You are the customer so we want to make it about you and the service that’s right for you! 2. 100% On-site – When we leave it’s done! On-site paper shredding provides the highest level of security. It is worry-free shredding right at your door. 3. 100%…


Protective Sensitive Company Data with a Hard Drive Shredding Service

Sometimes employees work with a lot of sensitive data that should not be seen or accessed by people who do to have the proper authorization. As a result, these companies will go to great lengths to make sure their employees computers are protected at all times. From adding special passwords to open up a specific…


10 Great Reasons to Hire a Professional On Site Shredding Service

With competition between businesses growing rapidly, safeguarding the sensitive and internal information is of paramount importance. No matter how securely you store the information digitally on servers; there is some crucial information still available in paper form that can be used against you or your client. Dumping these documents without destroying their content poses a…


Shredding Benefits to Learning Institutions

Shredding benefits to learning institutions Learning institutions deal with a lot of paperwork. Some of the paperwork holds very sensitive information, which if released to the wrong hands could lead to problems. With the volumes of sensitive and private data involved, learning institutions must devise a way to dispose of the education records, financial records,…


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