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June 30, 2016

Paper Shredding Security Levels: What Do They Mean?

When most people put a piece of paper into a shredder, they do not think about how the paper is shredded. There are actually six shredding levels. However, only five are used in standard commercial shredding. Level 6 shredders are mostly used by the NSA. The different paper shredding security levels are called DIN levels.

Level 1 Shredding

This is the basic level of shredding for general document destruction. The blades cut the paper into pieces that are between 3/8″ to 1/2″. When measured in millimeters, the pieces are between 10.5 mm and 11.8 mm. This level is appropriate for routine home or small office use.

Level 2 Shredding

It is appropriate to use this level for sensitive documents in a smaller office setting. Papers with account numbers and other sensitive information are considered sensitive. The paper is shredded into strips measuring between 1/8″ and 1/4″. In millimeters, this is between 3.9 mm and 5.8 mm.

Level 3 Shredding

This level is best for larger companies with more critical information. For example, a company with a secret recipe or process, extended data about employees and similarly sensitive bits of information would use this level of shredding. The paper shreds usually measure about 1/16″ or 1.9 mm in width. The finished product may also come in a diamond cut, which resembles confetti.

Level 4 Shredding

If a document is vital to a company’s continued existence, it should be shredded using this level. One example is a medical facility where extended data on patients is kept. If this information were leaked, the breach could lead to lawsuits and possible closure of the facility. Law firms and medical facilities are two common types of businesses requiring this level of secure shredding. Papers are usually cross-cut into pieces measuring 1/16″ x 5/8″ or 1.9 mm x 15 mm.

Level 5 Shredding

Government offices and research companies or universities conducting research commonly use this level of secure shredding. This level is best for secret documents of great importance. The military also uses Level 5 paper shredding for many documents. The paper is cut into pieces measuring 1/32″ x 7/16″ or .78 mm x 11 mm.

Levels Of Shredding Used By Proshred Miami

Proshred Miami offers the previous five paper shredding security levels with their services. The knowledgeable experts at Proshred Miami can help any company determine the appropriate shredding levels for their documents.

Additional Security Benefits Of Proshred Miami

In addition to providing several secure shredding levels for documents, Proshred Miami also boasts these security benefits:

We are always happy to answer your questions or help you learn more about pricing and scheduling for our convenient onsite commercial shredding services.

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