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Document Shredding in Milwaukee: Which Service is Right for you?

How to Pick the Right Professional Document Shredding Service to Fit Your Needs In the age of information, data is the lifeblood of many businesses. Keeping this information safe during its life cycle is critical to customer safety and legal compliance. To ensure proper handling of your sensitive documents and data, it is important to

Paper Shredding in Milwaukee & Miscellaneous Items

Shredding: It’s Not All about Paper Anymore The business of paper shredding is changing rapidly. Nowadays, not only do shredding companies deal with paper, but take care of all forms of cyber devices, clothing, handbags, plastic containers, work uniforms, and more. The industry now fits into a wide range of “information security” services like hard-drive

Benefits of Using a Professional Shredding Company in Milwaukee

Leveraging Professional Shredding Services Personal shredding has many benefits: efficient cost, convenient, and little maintenance. There are many opportunities when your business could benefit from professional shredding services. PROSHRED® Milwaukee professional shredding takes care of the entire document disposal lifecycle for you:  pick up of your sensitive documents, properly and securely shred your documents on-site,

Shred-all Solution: Recycling Bins Posing a Security Threat?

Ensure Safe Document Disposal with Shred-All Mentality Do you know what happens to your information when it has been discarded or recycled? How confident are you that your recycling bin currently does not contain any sensitive information? Often documents can be recycled without thought to the vulnerability posed to the information it may contain. Secure

Hidden Costs of Using an In-Office Shredder

Are You Really Saving With An In-Office Shredder? Rigorous document destruction should be a routine process for any business that handles sensitive information, which is applicable to almost every business. Having an in-house shredding machine may seem like the cost efficient way to destroy confidential information however, it can become much costlier than you may

How Long Should You Keep Important Documents?

Important Documents: What You Should Be Shredding  Storing important documents and information in a safe place is common knowledge in a day where identity theft is becoming increasingly more prevalent. The average person can store anywhere between 4-20 of these documents in their homes and what is really necessary to hold onto? The more information

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