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At PROSHRED®, we provide businesses with a secure way to dispose of sensitive documents with our Reading paper shredding services. From on-going scheduled shredding to one-time purge shredding, our programs can provide you with peace of mind that your confidential business information is being destroyed in a secure way. Having your old or outdated documents shredded by a professional shredding service helps keep your business in compliance with privacy laws, and is more secure and cost-effective than having employees take care of this delicate task in-house. The best part is that our Reading paper shredding services can be performed right outside your office with one of our state of the art mobile shred trucks, in one of our secure off-site transport trucks, or brought to our facility: providing you with options for service when, where, and how you need us. For your document disposal needs, trust PROSHRED®.

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On-Going Paper Shredding Services

Regularly scheduled shredding is a great way to keep on top of the amount of documents you have sitting around. When your business or organization is constantly producing paper documents that could contain sensitive and proprietary information, it’s important not to skimp on shredding. At PROSHRED®, we start with an audit of your company to determine how many shred bins your business will need and where they need to be placed. With our on-going shredding service, we’ll work with you to develop a program and schedule that fit your business needs, whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services.

Our mobile shredding trucks will arrive on prearranged dates based on your needs, and collect the documents that have been placed inside the bins. Then, you can watch as one of our trained Customer Service Professionals loads your documents onto the truck for shredding on the spot. You can even watch through a mounted screen on the side of the truck as the papers are reduced to tiny pieces that can never be recovered.

Purge Shredding in Reading, Pennsylvania

Sometimes, you need to dispose of a large amount of documents at once rather than scheduling on-going shredding: whether you’re cleaning out storage, moving, or destroying retention items. Purge shredding, also known as a one-time cleanout service, can help your home or business dispose of years’ worth of documents in as little as 20 minutes. Keeping outdated or unwanted paper sitting around is not only an unappealing prospect, but these documents can sometimes hold confidential information that is best not left sitting around. Standards for how long records must be retained before shredding can vary by industry and state, so we recommend businesses review these requirements first to see if there are any procedures that need to be followed.

Similarly to our on-going shredding services, a one-time cleanout service is scheduled with your convenience in mind. A mobile shredding truck will be sent to your home or business so you don’t have to worry about transporting your load of documents, whether small or large, or we can remove boxes and all with secure offsite shredding. This is a fast and efficient way to clean out an old warehouse, an attic, or a host of filing cabinets with one shredding service. If you’re worried about having too much to shred, don’t fear. Our trucks can shred up to two tons of paper per hour, and we can transport hundreds of boxes at a time!

Hard Drive Destruction for Your Business

At PROSHRED®, we offer more than just paper shredding, we also offer hard drive destruction and electronics recycling! Hard drive shredding is highly important for the safety of your business, your clients, and partners. Data can still be accessed on a hard drive that is erased and put in the trash; someone skilled at retrieving data could gain a wealth of knowledge about your company easily if they were able to access old hard drives. Shredding with a secure hard drive destruction service is the only way to truly ensure the information on your old hard drives is inaccessible to others. In addition to hard drive pickup and destruction at our facility, we also provide NAID AAA Certified on-site hard drive shredding so that you can rest assured your items are completely destroyed in front of your eyes. Before shredding your hard drives, we’ll scan each unique hard drive serial number, and send to you with your Certificate of Destruction. Once we have shredded your hard drives, we make sure that the materials are sent to a facility for further processing and recycling. We’re committed to environmental stewardship, and only partner with those companies that are certified to comply with federal and state electronic waste regulations.

Hard Drive Destruction

Schedule Paper Shredding in Reading, PA

Get convenient, hassle-free shredding services with PROSHRED®. We’re here to provide you and your business with all of your Reading paper shredding needs, and will work with you to figure out which of our services would benefit you the most. If you’re ready to start organizing and get rid of documents that no longer serve a purpose, get in touch with us today!

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