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Charlotte Hard-Drive Destruction Services

For businesses struggling with out-of-date technology, switching to new systems and securing all information of the old hard-drive requires secure hard-drive destruction. Hard-drives have become home to a business’ highly sensitive information such as confidential emails, financial records, and confidential internal communications. Throwing away old hard-drives ensure nothing but a chance for thieves to access your information. Secure hard-drive destruction is the only way to ensure the safety of your confidential business information.

Electronic waste shredding

Erasing Data is Simply Not Enough

Despite common belief, erasing the information off a hard-drive does not protect your business. Even after reformatting a hard-drive, pieces of information can still remain that a skilled computer technician could access. The only way to guarantee a successful company future and completely destroy all confidential documentation is through hard-drive destruction also known as “hard-drive shredding.”

Charlotte On-Site Hard-Drive Destruction

PROSHRED® Charlotte hard-drive shredding services ensure your hard-drives are properly shredded, destroyed and disposed of. If you would like supervise the destruction of your hard-drive, PROSHRED® Charlotte also offers mobile hard-drive shredding services. One of our mobile professionals will perform the hard-drive shredding service on-site at your place of business, giving you complete confidence that your information is destroyed. You will also receive a detailed certificate of destruction, this shows the date and time of hard drive pickup and destruction.

hard drive destruction

Recycling E-Waste And Complying With Legislation

PROSHRED® Charlotte is as committed to the environment as your business is! At PROSHRED® Charlotte, all of our shredded electronic waste is sent to trusted local electronic recyclers. Here they are fully processed and recycled back into new products. Even computer monitors are safely disposed of! All electronic waste is sent to our certified recycling partners who comply with federal and state electronic waste regulations only after all your confidential information has been properly shredded and destroyed.

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