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Protecting Your Small Business from Data Theft

Protecting the security of your sensitive information is key not just to your business’ financial success, but it’s very solvency and life. Statistics show that within two years of suffering a major data breach, 80% of small and medium-sized businesses go bankrupt and close down. The lawsuits and negative publicity from such a breach can…


Is It Better To Choose a Local Or National Shredding Company?

There are many reasons to place your business with a local or national company, but which is really the better choice? Many people make a conscious effort to support local businesses. Some see flashy commercials and branding that draws them to the big guys. Nationally owned companies are convenient and most have all the resources…


Plant Base Paper Shredding Benefits that Minimize Business Risk

If plant base shredding isn’t part of your company’s risk management strategy, you need an update. No matter what type of business you’re in, at some point you have documents that contain information you must keep secure. There’s only so much you can store in your building or even in digital format, and after a…

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5 Smart Services a Business Should Invest In

  From professional paper shredding to legal advice and more, there are many services a business should invest in to improve efficiency and security. It would be smart for a business to invest in these services as they can help companies prevent liability issues, help with finances and improve processes. Payroll Services, such as payroll,…


7 Ways Mobile Shredding Services Can Help Businesses

Eight hours in the workday never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Hiring a mobile shredding service can help a business by shredding sensitive documents on-site, improving security, efficiency and waste management. This can help an office save time and improve on other areas of the business. Increase Security By hiring a…

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Ways Confidential Papers in the Wrong Hands Can Hurt Business

  Identify theft is not the only repercussion that can result when documents are found in the wrong hands. When the confidential papers of a business are exposed, whether intentional or not, there can be serious consequences. Legal Ramifications Because there are several pieces of legislature that dictate when and how confidential papers with sensitive…

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Not Shredding On-Site Can Increase Risk

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 16.6 million individuals experienced identity theft in 2012, and these numbers are only increasing. By shredding documents on-site, companies can decrease risk when it comes to having important information stolen. There are several ways in which not shredding on-site can increase the risk of sensitive information ending up…

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Scheduled Shredding Services vs. One-Time Purges

  There are advantages to having scheduled shredding services, but there is also a convenience factor when hiring a service for a one-time purge. Depending on the needs of the particular company, either service could prove to be best for any paper shredding needs. Having a Scheduled Shredding Service If a business or company regularly…

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The Importance of Medical Record Shredding

  We live in a digital information age where social media rules our relationships and information travels at the speed of light. This means it’s exceptionally important for businesses in the healthcare industry to handle information with proper sensitivity. In fact, failure to take the right steps with document destruction can open you up to…


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