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Deter the Risk of Fraud in Your Springfield Workplace

The size of your business doesn’t dictate whether or not you could experience fraud in your Springfield workplace.  While the banking and financial services industry is generally the most susceptible, identity theft and fraud continues to be a threat across Springfield and the rest of the U.S.  Due to the fact that fraud can appear…

hard drive shredding

Hard Drive Destruction Springfield

Unfortunately, we live in an age where cyber thieves and online hackers are prominent, targeting individuals and companies throughout the Springfield region and across the U.S. as well. Hard drive destruction services are one of the few ways to protect your business. As technology is ever-changing and advancements are occurring on a daily basis, it’s…

purge shredding

One-Time Purge Shredding Service Springfield

The cost of maintaining a large volume of outdated documents or electronic media goes far beyond office space expenditures. A messy and cluttered office environment dictates and truly sets the tone for the overall productivity and office morale. Furthermore, failing to dispose of critical business data in a timely manner, can contribute to compliance issues…


Regularly Scheduled Document Shredding in Springfield

Once PROSHRED Springfield comes to your business location to do a security audit, we can then determine how many executive consoles your office needs. This is typically determined by the density of the physical space, the amount of employees working in the surrounding area, as well as estimating the amount of confidential and regular documents your office needs to throw away…


Reasons for Hiring a Professional Boston Shredding Company

Because of the laws enacted by the government, businesses must have a shredding system to keep their private information safe and to avoid identity theft. Here are some good reasons why it is best for businesses to hire a reputable Boston shredding company: Easy to Use – Shredding services offer clients locked storage bins. Confidential…


Advantages of Shredding Services

It is clear that the number of identity theft incidents has increased. Any kind of identity theft could actually ruin business and personal information. Shredding services in Boston Massachusetts can help protect confidential files and prevent identity theft. FACTA Law Because of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACT Act or…


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