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Document Management Services

Proscan’s Document Management Solutions

Which Solution is Right for You?

Document management systems provide numerous benefits to businesses, and individuals. However, these benefits are not all inherent to the document management software, and purchasing software is often not enough. A comprehensive understanding of the system, and its ability to meet your specific needs, is essential – as is incorporating existing documents and data. The true benefits of document management systems are realized with complete and customized integration. Proscan provides expert knowledge of document and information management, along with solutions and services tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We offer complete solutions, or can assist with specific service requests. Contact us today for a free consultation, and to see which solution is right for you!

High Speed Document Scanning

We take your existing paper documents and create a searchable online electronic version of them with our document scanning and indexing system.  Documents are stored as searchable PDF’s and ready to import into an existing ECM system or online storage.  Talk to us about scanning directly into the document management software that we represent.

Document Management Systems

Do you need control over your electronic documents? You need to implement an electronic document management system that helps you save employee time searching for archived records, manage workflow within an office, and keep your electronic files secure. Document management software helps you do all that while saving you both time and money.

Specialty Services

Have you already worked with another document scanning provider and aren’t happy with the end results? We can take the electronic documents you already have and make them searchable. Along with document scanning, document management, and document indexing, we provide full technology support and secure document destruction.

Benefits of a Proscan Solution

Proscan’s customized scanning and comprehensive document management solutions can help change the way you do business! For starters, a document management system is much more than just saving all of your documents to some sort of cloud storage. It’s also much more than just describing a whole series of document management system features.  The benefits of a true document management system lie within how it truly changes how you do business. Some of the benefits of a Proscan solution, include:

  • Cut Down on Paper & Free Up Valuable Space
  • Operate More Efficiently & Increase Productivity
  • Enable Easier Document Sharing, Reading, & Searching
  • Obtain Instant Access to Important Information & Documents
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Back Up Files & Protect Information from a Variety of Threats
  • Comply with Regulations
  • Create Easier Execution of Standard Business Practices
  • Increase Security & Peace of Mind
  • Save Time and Money
  • And More…

The Proscan Difference

  • Elite Imaging and Content Management Services
    • Customized Scanning and Database Integration
  • First-Class Customer Service
  • Superior Quality Control and Security Protocols
  • Turn-Key Solutions and Fully-Searchable Solutions
  • Innovative Technologies and Workflow Automation

A Document Management System is Peace of Mind

(with Proscan Document Management Solutions)

Peace of Mind is the foremost benefit mentioned by our customers.  The peace of mind that they can find any document at a second’s notice.  Peace of mind that their important business information is protected in case of disaster.  Peace of mind that they can quickly communicate information, across the office, across the country, or around the world, securely.  This freedom from worry is largely found in the ‘lightness’ associated with going paperless via a document management system. This ‘lightness’ also overthrew the painstaking processes of faxing, and searching for information for long periods of time. Many did not understand the pain of working in a paper-dependent office until they experienced work without it, realizing that paper, in some sense, is what kept manual labor alive—even in the white-collar world.

Document Management and ECM & ERP Integration

Our system plays nice with others. All of our basic scanning services include your files scanned to a searchable PDF and stored in a directory structure with a CSV data export capable of being imported into your Electronic Content Management System (ECM) or ERP software.  We can provide hosted or in-house access to our document management system, or we can create a custom integration with an existing document management application. Additionally, our document management system and custom integrations can allow your various ECM and ERP systems to work together so you don’t have to look in multiple places to find information.


Learn more about ProScan and how our scanning process and document management can help your company reduce costs.

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