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Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Did you know that identity thieves regularly target children? Or, that identity theft related tax fraud is a real threat? How about that between 2007 and 2016 the number of identity theft cases rose from 10.2 million to 15.4 million? That’s reality. Identity theft is on the rise, and there’s no sign the trend will…

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Seven Steps to Create Your Security Plan

With all the news about national companies being hacked and having information stolen, you may be wondering how you can possibly protect your business against the same threats on your limited budget. The first step is to create a solid information security plan. It doesn't have to be overly complicated or technical.     You…

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Five Major Threats of Poor Document Management

Inadequate document management keeps businesses from reaching their full potential. Most of the things we do in our day to day work lives involves some kind of document being created or shared. Whether it’s a simple email, business contract or customer profile, the valuable information they contain is essential for decision-making, and must be kept…


Increasing Office Productivity

An optimized workplace leads to better production and higher profits, so it’s important to always look for improvements. Many improvements to office efficiency don’t require any drastic changes either. In this case it's best to sweat the small stuff.           Here’s nine simple tips to increase office productivity: 1. Make Sure…


Understanding Mobile Cyber Threats

Today we’re talking about security threats that target mobile devices, and how to lower the risks they pose to businesses. Cyber threats have begun targeting mobile devices more frequently as smartphones and tablets become part of our daily lives. They store the same valuable personal and professional information found on our laptops and desktops and…


Protecting Digital Information Against Cyber Threats

Cyber-attacks have become part of the norm in today’s internet-driven society and they will continue to grow in complexity and sophistication. It's your job to take regular and deliberate steps to ensure your data security efforts are adequate. No system is perfectly secure. However, there are some relatively easy, low-cost steps you can take to…


Safe and Secure Spring Cleaning

It’s finally spring here in St. Louis and I sincerely hope you made it through the rain OK. On the sunnier side, tax season is finally over and it's time to put the files away. I'm writing today to offer advice on securely storing that information. Last month we talked about saving office space by…

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How to Reduce Tax-Record Clutter

“How long do I need to keep my records for tax purposes?” We hear that question a lot, here at ProShred, especially during the tax season. You may be drowning under piles of paper records, but you hesitate to get rid of them because you fear the Tax Man. That’s where scanning comes in. We…


Limit Stress This Year with Organized Records

As we settle in the New Year with new beginnings, many residents and organizations in St. Louis will be using this time for reorganizing their home and/or office from top to bottom. It’s an ideal time to remove clutter and unwanted belongings that are only using up space that you could be using for more…

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Stay Secure: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

When seeking a professional document shredding company to partner with for your St. Louis organization, you can rest assured in knowing that your confidential material will be shred beyond recovery. This ensures all information is 100% secure, even following disposal. Identity theft cases are continuously on the rise, and with the New Year here, it’s…


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