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At the End of the Year

It’s the end of another year and we’ve done a lot to help keep information destruction proceeding securely and spreading the word so others may benefit. Despite efforts, identity theft and information fraud is still on the rise, meaning there is still a lot of work to do. It is important to keep efforts going…


Our Mobile Shredding Trucks: What Exactly are the Benefits

Ever wondered why most shred companies have a fleet of shredding trucks that drive around with an industrial grade shredder inside? Why would they bother enduring the expenses it takes to operate and maintain these vehicles? What it simply comes down to is that it’s a far more secure and efficient way to carry out…


Shredding Services for Land o Lakes

One of the best advantages of running a mobile shredding operation is the capability we have to bring secure shredding services to residents and businesses regardless of their location. This mobility is one of the best perks we get from our fleet of advanced shred trucks. Perhaps the greatest benefit of these trucks is the…


The Importance of Shred Events

A common feature of all the document shredding companies out there is an offer to host shredding events. Have you ever wondered why? Is it really that important to bring everyone out together in the name of information safety? Of course it is, and we’re going to tell you why, along with what a shred…


Document Shredding for Clearwater Residents

We’ve heard time and time again that residents are never sure where they can get professional shredding services in their town. The big cities are where the pros have their shredding operations, and if I live away from the big city, what options do I have? Fortunately PROSHRED Tampa has options for you, no matter…


Shred Your Children’s Records

Often when talking about the need to shred secure documents you’ll find that records like financial, medical, or banking get mentioned as the must shred items. While this is absolutely true, there is another type of document that should be a "must shred" that is often over looked. In fact, once you’re made aware of…


Is Mobile Document Shredding For You?

Tackling that ever growing pile of documents before it topples over and traps you beneath it, can seem like a daunting task at first. Not only is a teetering stack of papers a bit intimidating in and of itself, figuring out where to start the process can be difficult. Having to sort through all those…


One Time Document Purge

The massive success of our Operation Shredding community shred event has helped spread the word of secure document shredding within our community. This event gave people the perfect opportunity to come and dispose of those records that have been gathering dust for a while now. While these events are a great way to purge records,…


Operation Shredding: A Complete Success!

This Earth Day weekend saw well over 1500 people come out and experience the benefits of secure document and hard drive shredding. In just one day of shredding we destroyed over 78,545lbs of mixed paper, and old electronics like cell phones and hard drives. This event has had an incredible impact on the environmental impact…


Tampa Shred Event: Are You Attending on April 14th?

In case you haven’t heard; PROSHRED Tampa will be shredding at the 10th Annual Shred-A-Thon! Come on down and bring all those unwanted files and see what professional shredding is all about. If this will be your first time attending a shred event such as this, you may be wondering what it’s all about. What…


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