Document Storage

Keeping your sensitive material protected has never been easier. PROSHRED® Tampa Bay partners with Budget Self Storage, a leader in secure document storage, so that you can store records for legal or compliance reasons, until secure destruction is needed. Our document shredding solutions are offered at each of their facilities in the Tampa Bay region. Combined, we offer the security services your business or household can rely on.

Storage You Can Rely On

With several convenient locations situated throughout the Tampa Bay area, Budget Self Storage is prepared, willing, and more than able to handle your secure document storage needs. Budget Self Storage provides safe storage for those belongings that you don’t need access to on a regular basis, but aren’t ready to give up entirely either.  An industry leader providing service to our area since 1985, they supply more than 30 different sizes of storage units, which means as a customer you only pay for the storage that’s required. Budget Self Storage’s locations are equipped with the highest level of security, such as computerized gate access, video cameras and quality security systems. Climate-controlled storage units are available, and customers have the ability to access their space or request assistance from the office at any time throughout business hours.

The Advantages of Document Storage Services

What are the advantages of storing your company’s or household’s confidential documents off-site? Storing critical information off-site in a facility that supplies secure document storage:

  • Frees up significant space at your location.
  • Allows you to store copies of important documentation in an alternative location, so in the event that a disaster may strike your home or business you won’t face information loss.
  • Allows you to maintain records required for compliance, without contributing to clutter in your workplace.
  • Keeps your document life cycle management program simplified.

Security Solutions: Storage and  Document Shredding

The partnership between PROSHRED® Tampa Bay and Budget Shelf Storage is in place to offer enhanced convenience to members of our community. We are happy to offer a one-stop security solution through providing both secure shredding and document storage services, under one roof. In addition, when you no longer need the documents that you have been storing at Budget Self Storage, destroying them is never an issue with PROSHRED®‘s trusted on-site shredding option. This value-added solution is an effective and economical way to keep yourself, your clients and your business, protected from potential threats such as identity theft.

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