What Is Scheduled Shredding?

What is Scheduled Shredding?

Scheduled shredding is a form of document security where businesses, organizations, or other customers have their sensitive papers, files, and documents stored, picked up, and shredded onsite on a regular basis.

The first step is a document security audit. There are multiple levels of paper shredding security. A shredding professional evaluates the sensitivity level of the documents and determines how often to schedule shreds based on their volume.

Step 1: Security Audit

Businesses are provided with locked bins or consoles to store their disposed documents until the next scheduled shred. The bin sizes range from individual deskside consoles to large bins for shared offices.

Step 2: Bins and Consoles

Step 3: Scheduled Pick-Ups

Scheduled pickups occur at regular times or when the bins are full. A driver arrives at the location to retrieve the contents of the bins. Those documents are taken outside to a truck usually equipped with a shredder.

Step 4: Mobile Shredding

Most documents are processed onsite in shredding trucks. A camera onboard lets the document owner watch the process.

After the documents have been shredded, the document owner receives a record, commonly known as a certificate of destruction. This tells the date, time, and contents of the shred and can be used to show compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Step 5: Certificate of Destruction


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