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January 25, 2018

The Keys to Planning a Successful Shred Event

At PROSHRED® Security, we get many inquiries from both businesses and individuals about hiring one of our mobile shredding trucks to host a Shred Event at their location.  Here are some Key Factors that will ensure that you host a successful Shred Event:

Key Factor #1: THE AUDIENCE

Who benefits from a Shred Event?  Here are three of the most popular audiences:


What do your employees do with all of their personal, confidential documents?  Start offering an employee perk by scheduling a Company Shred Day, which allows your employees to witness the secure destruction of the confidential papers they have been storing at home.  And since PROSHRED recycles 100% of the paper that it shreds, your employees can also take comfort in knowing that they are saving trees!


Customers like to feel appreciated.  Say ‘Thank You’ to yours – and increase customer retention and loyalty – by hosting a Shred Day for your clientele at your place of business.  You can use this opportunity to interact with your clients and introduce any new or additional services your business may offer.  If you allow the general public to attend your Shred Event, you will also attract new potential customers.


Increase the safety of your community by offering the most secure way for people to destroy their personal documents – and raise money for your favorite charity at the same time.  You can decide the suggested donation amount per box, and with proper planning and marketing efforts, your Shred Event will be well-attended and your charity fundraiser will be a success!

Key Factor #2: THE LOGISTICS

There are several logistical details to consider when planning for the successful execution of your Shred Event:


We recommend a 2-hour Shred Event and can offer both weekday slots and some Saturday appointments to service your audience between the hours of 10am – 3pm.  Most Shred Events take advantage of the warmer months between April – October.

Public or Private?

Is your event open to the general public, or will it be a private event held only for your selected audience?  Your intended audience should determine the answer to this question.  If you would like to raise funds for a charity or broaden your customer reach, a public event would attract more attendees and help you achieve your goal.  If your event is held specifically for your employees or members of your HOA, a private event is more appropriate.

Establishing a Box Limit

This decision is ultimately up to you, our customer, to determine.  However, experience has led us to recommend that our clients put a cap on the number of boxes/bags that their audience can bring to a Shred Event (5 per vehicle is a typical suggestion).  Providing your audience with a shredding limit creates the most efficient and smoothest experience for all of the attendees.  You certainly don’t want one attendee dominating the shred truck while everyone has to wait.


Most Shred Events occur in parking lots, where cars have easy in-and-out access.  If this is your first event, we can visit your location and make an on-site assessment regarding the best placement of our mobile shred truck.


Our driver will be solely focused on shredding documents; the most successful Shred Events will have numerous volunteers available to help with traffic flow and participate in audience interaction.

Key Factor #3:  MARKETING

Attracting your target audience is crucial to achieving a well-attended event.  Follow these tips:


PROSHRED Security can share a flyer template that you can customize with your Shred Event’s specific details, which you can release to your selected audience to raise awareness of your event.

Social Media

Share your upcoming Shred Event on all social media outlets to reach the broadest attendance.  PROSHRED® Security can also include a link to your event on its multiple on-line outlets:  we can add your event to our Facebook & LinkedIn business sites, as well as include your Shred Event details on our company website’s popular Event Page.


If open to the public, there are numerous opportunities to share your Shred Event with on-line media outlets.  Make use of these often free posting sites to inform potential attendees of your event details.

Give our local office a call at 317-578-3650 to discuss how we can help you to explore the many benefits of hosting a Shred Event in 2018!

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