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Equipment - Bins and Consoles

PROSHRED® Detroit offers a variety of secure, locked containers for any volume of confidential paperwork. These bins are placed in a central location in your office where you and your employees can safely dispose of important documents. When it’s time for your scheduled shredding appointment, we will remove the materials without ever physically touching them – dropping them off immediately in our shredding truck with our hands-free system.

Depending on the size of your business and regular disposal habits, the PROSHRED® Detroit team will recommend which equipment is most appropriate for you. Whether it’s a single container or many, we’ll help your business design the perfect custom security plan.

PROSHRED® Consoles

Executive Consoles

When we install an executive console in your office, these boxes are completely free of charge and designed to maximize your business’s document security. Here are just some advantages:

  • No additional cost
  • High volume containers that hold thousands of sheets of paper
  • Hassle-free installation by PROSHRED Detroit
  • No need to remove paper clips and staples
  • Double-turn, deadbolt lock to ensure ultimate security

Our executive consoles are the most comprehensive security containers in the industry. Our standard box measures 36” x 22 ¾” x 15 ¾” to maximize the number of documents it can hold (although larger sizes are available). Our one-way paper feeding system ensures that paper cannot be removed from the bin once it is disposed of. Keep your Detroit office safe with a PROSHRED® executive console.

High-Volume Security Bins

For our high-capacity clients in the Detroit area, we always recommend our massive high-volume disposal bins. Available in a 64 or 96-gallon size, these containers can hold hundreds of pounds of paperwork securely. Our padlock system provides a security feature that helps to prevent document removal by anyone other than an authorized individual. This equipment is perfect for:

  • Mailrooms
  • Shipping centers
  • Warehouses
  • Copy rooms


64-gallon: 42” x 26” x 26”

96-gallon: 46” x 28” x 31”

High Volume Security Bin
PROSHRED® Security Bin

Personal Desk-side Containers (PDCs)

For the ultimate convenience in paper shredding services, we recommend our secure Personal Desk-Side Containers (or PDCs). These containers are never more than an arm’s length away from your desk or chair, making important document disposal effortless. These containers are the perfect option for home offices and busy at-home employees in the Detroit area. Some features of these boxes include:

  • One-way disposal system so documents can’t be retrieved without a key
  • Can hold up to 2,000 pieces of paper
  • Conveniently fits in drawers, under desks, and in a variety of other locations
  • Secure double-lock system to keep your information safe
  • Dimensions: 13 ¼” x 16 ¾” x 12”

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