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Electronic Waste Recycling

While most people believe that simply throwing away their old electronics is harmless, the truth is that e-waste is incredibly harmful to the environment. The toxins in the electronic waste can leach into the ground and contaminate soil and water supplies. Furthermore, when e-waste is incinerated, it releases harmful chemicals into the air.

PROSHRED® Buffalo specializes in secure electronic recycling and hard drive shredding services.

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Electronic Waste Recycling Methods 

There are a few different methods for recycling e-waste. The most common and environmentally-friendly method involves disassembling electronics and categorizing the parts to determine what can be reused. For example, the gold in a computer’s circuit board can be extracted and reused. Other materials, such as plastics and metals, can also be recycled. Another common method involves burning electronic waste to generate electricity. This method is less common since it can release harmful toxins into the air. 

The last method is “landfill disposal,” in which the electronic waste is simply buried in a landfill. While this may seem like the easiest option, it's easily the worst option for the environment, since the toxins in the electronic waste can leach into the ground and contaminate soil and water supplies. 

Benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling 

The benefits of recycling e-waste are numerous. First, it reduces our reliance on landfills, which are becoming increasingly full. Second, it helps to preserve natural resources, since recycling e-waste can help to reduce the need to mine for new materials. Third, it reduces pollution, as recycling e-waste prevents toxic chemicals from being released into the air when electronic waste is incinerated. Finally, recycling e-waste creates jobs. The process of recycling e-waste is complex, and it requires trained workers to safely handle and recycle the materials. 

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How To Recycle Your E-Waste with PROSHRED® 

At PROSHRED® Buffalo, we specialize in e-waste recycling and can dispose of the most common electronic devices. It’s important to note that not all electronic waste can be recycled. Some items, such as batteries and light bulbs, contain toxic chemicals that make them unsafe to recycle. In these cases, it’s a good idea to take these items to a hazardous waste facility that specializes in these forms of waste.  

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To use PROSHRED® Buffalo's e-waste recycling services, you can call us to schedule an appointment or simply bring your old electronics to one of our designated drop-off locations. Then, our team of highly-trained professionals will safely dismantle your electronics, recycle the necessary materials, and dispose of the useless components. After the disposal and recycling process, our team can also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that contains all of the important information about your visit. For more information on our services or to receive a free quote, contact us today. 

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