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March 8, 2017

Key Indications Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Identity thieves are sneakier and more sophisticated these days than ever before, with the tactics and schemes they use to extra private data.  You may be under the impression that you’ve taken the correct precautionary methods to prevent identity theft from happening to you, but when it comes to this concerning crime, the truth is you can never be too careful.

Here are 4 signs that may mean you’ve fallen victim to identity theft:

Getting Turned Down for Credit

If you’ve discovered that an application for credit has recently been turned down, this could indicate there was theft involved with your account. While it could be something entirely unrelated, it may mean you’ve been a victim of information theft as well. If you are denied credit without an explanation as to why always contact your credit card issuer right away. They will notify you whether or not this is what caused the issue.

Unusual Credit Card Transactions

Unlike what you may think, it’s actually really easy to skip over a credit card purchase that you didn’t make. We highly recommend that you monitor and record all credit card purchases you make by storing all of your receipts in one safe place; in doing so, this will allow you to quickly confirm each receipt with your monthly statement.

Phone Calls from Unfamiliar Creditors

If a creditor gets in touch with you requesting payment for something you didn’t purchase, be sure to investigate who they are and why they are asking for this particular information; don’t just explain that they’ve made an error. Inquiring and digging deeper will provide you with the tools you need to file a report if you are suspicious of potential fraud.

Missing Bills

If your regular bills stop arriving abruptly, it could be that there was an address change made by a criminal, in an effort to obtain access to your banking details. Make it a priority to review your bills monthly, or turn to electronic bill keeping for increased security. It’s simple and can be monitored and managed a lot easier.
What’s the first step you should take if your identity has been compromised? Visit identitytheft.gov for tips and key information.

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