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The Shredding Process

Our state-of-the-art trucks can shred thousands of pounds of paper per hour and can quickly complete large shred jobs. Not only are all clients documents shred on-site, 100% of the material is recycled and a local, certified facility and eventually made into other paper products.

Each time clients shred with PROSHRED® Security (using on-going service), they will know exactly how many trees were saved through our shredding services. At the end of the year clients are presented with a TreeSaver Environmental Certificate indicating the total number of mature trees they saved during the year.

Our Step-by-step shredding process:

  1. Our secure process starts from the instant a customer places their confidential documents in our locked console (found within their office)
  2. A Customer Service Professional (CSP) will arrive at the customers office during their scheduled service to empty the console and transport the sensitive documents (in a locked wheeled tip cart) to the shredding trucked parked on the customers property. Note that during the entire process, the documents are never directly handled by the CSPs
  3. The wheeled tip cart is securely fastened to the chute of the shredding truck and automatically lifted into the truck to shred the material into tiny pieces. This shredding paper is then mixed in with other shredded paper which ensures that the documents can never be reconstructed

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