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Shredding Services

One-timePaper Shredding

Whether you have a few boxes of paper or a room full of documents or hard drives, PROSHRED ® will come to you and shred your documents on-site quickly and efficiently.

On-goingShredding Service

Use the reliability of our regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding service to set up routine appointments at a time convenient for you. You will be provided with secure containers at no additional charge, and our drivers will shred your documents on-site.


PROSHRED® shreds more than paper. Our shredding services ensure that your branded materials, priority information, and any other important assets are securely destroyed. Our product destruction services will give you the peace of mind you need.

Hard DriveDestruction

PROSHRED® offers secure hard drive destruction. Protect yourself and your business from a security breach by ensuring your confidential digital data is destroyed with our on-site hard drive shredding service. Electronic and mixed media can also be destroyed.


PROSCAN® Solutions offers effective scanning methods and capture applications to complete the life cycle of your confidential documents. Convert paper documents into digital form and organize them in a customized database perfect for your business.


PROSHRED® offers residential shredding services on-site through our mobile shredding trucks as well as at our drop-off locations. Call us today for more information.

CommercialShredding Services

PROSHRED®'s Commercial Shredding Services allow small and large businesses to securely dispose of confidential documents with the help of our certified shredding professionals. Contactless pick-ups are available, and we recycle all shredded paper waste.

Home OfficeShredding

Information security extends beyond the office, obligating businesses and individuals to establish systems and procedures for safeguarding confidential information in and out of the workplace. Working remotely or from home? PROSHRED® has a shredding solution for you.


Do you want to shred a small quantity of paper? The majority of PROSHRED® locations offer drop-off shredding services at secure access facilities. Avoid identity theft by shredding old documents, bank statements, tax records, contracts, insurance policies, and hard drives.

Electronic WasteRecycling

For secure and compliant recycling of end-of-life electronics, PROSHRED ® offers asset disposition services that ensure your equipment is kept out of the landfill.

Our Secure Shredding Process

Step 1 Image

Our experienced and trained professionals will come to your residence or business to take care of all your shredding needs.

Step 2 Image

Your documents, hard drives, or retail products are destroyed on-site, in our mobile shredding truck and you can watch the whole process.

Step 3 Image

Once your private information is securely destroyed, you receive an official Certificate of destruction containing date and time of service.

Step 4 Image

We take preserving the environment seriously! All of your shredded materials are taken to recycling facilities for further processing.

Shredding Events


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