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February 13, 2017

Advantages of Document Shredding

Document destruction has been around for decades, however, today it’s not just a recommended practice, but it is an essentially necessary one for Syracuse organizations. Due to increasingly stringent privacy legislation and the fact that information theft continues to occur, secure destruction is the only method of document disposal that guarantees your protection.

If you do not presently have a document shredding program in place and are speculating if it’s really worth your while, here are several advantages that secure document destruction has for your Syracuse organization:

  1. Provides Peace of Mind– Document shredding supplies business owners and their clients with significant peace of mind in knowing that their confidential information has been professionally shredded with absolutely no chance of recovery.
  2. Documents are Unrecoverable– When you hire a qualified and experienced document shredding provider, you can rest assured in knowing that the industry leading equipment used for the destruction process, ensures that documents are shred into minuscule pieces of paper which are immediately then combined with thousands of additional paper particles.
  3. Maintains Compliance – When you are proactive and take the needed steps to have old records shred properly, you are keeping your business compliant with critical privacy legislation. Legally, you are obligated to safely shred any sensitive records to protect private data; not following through with this means you are going against federal and state privacy laws, which may have a financial impact on your business, including non-compliance fines.
  4. Protects Reputation – Would you process your credit card at a restaurant that recently had their data breached? Probably not. Without a doubt, your customers would have similar hesitations towards your business if they were made aware of a data breach you experienced. Nobody wants to work with a company if there are any feelings of uncertainty. When it comes down to it, data breaches can destroy the reputation you have worked so hard to establish, so it’s important to protect your company with regular, professional shredding.
  5. Cost Savings– Did you know that outsourcing your document shredding needs will reduce your costs and save you time? Office shredders aren’t designed to handle heavy ongoing use, and therefore break down easily which can result in unexpected costs. Additionally, because an office shredder requires operating, this uses up valuable employee time and we all know that time is money! Allow your staff to focus on the job duties they were hired to do; our team will look after the rest.
  6. Environmentally Green– Our landfills are consumed with trash and millions of tons of paper that are directed here each year.  Turning to professional document shredding services ensures you are using less paper as all paper particles we shred are then collected for recycling purposes, reducing our overall carbon footprint.
  7. Simple and Convenient– By hiring a document shredding service such as PROSHRED Syracuse, you will quickly notice the many perks you’ll benefit from, including an organized and compliant office!  Our service is carried out directly on-site at your location, with very minimal distraction involved in your daily work day. Our regular scheduled service is by far our most popular choice, as it guarantees that nothing slips through the cracks.


When you make the decision to partner with PROSHRED Syracuse, we’ll provide you with lockable, storage containers for your documents and will collect your sensitive documents at your given service date, or once bins are at capacity.


For more information relating to our flexible shredding services, please feel free to contact our professional team today. Call 561-832-6156.

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