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November 28, 2016

PROSHRED Syracuse Can Help with Your Clean-Desk Policy

In a typical Syracuse business, office desks are often covered in work supplies, as well as sensitive documents that have private information. A clean desk policy ensures that confidential information remains protected and safeguarded when employees leave their desk for a break or at the end of their work day. When it comes to internal security and protection from visitors entering through your office, you should keep in mind that any individual passing by a desk could catch a glimpse of (or worse steal) information that is considered highly confidential.

So how can your organization introduce this new policy? For starters, all desks throughout your office should be free of loose files. This also includes post-it notes and other documents that are not essential to have on top of your desk. Electronic discs, USB keys or drives should also be stored away unexposed; electronic information is just as critical to keep secure and should be included as a key component of your clean desk policy.

A clean desk policy not only complies with state and federal privacy legislation, it’s also the simplest method to ensure security over your information at all times, eliminating the risks associated with theft and data breach.


Here are 5 aspects of a clean desk policy:

  1. Be sure to put all details pertaining to the clean desk policy in writing, and supply hard copies to your employees.
  1. Provide a clear and informative explanation of what is expected from your staff. For example, when away from the desk, all sensitive records must be cleared from your desk and instead, placed in lockable filing cabinet/bin or drawer to keep information secure. In the same sense, all computers should be password-protected at all times to deter hacking or information exposure.
  1. Incorporate it as part of your daily processes; ask your employees to begin each morning by planning and gathering paperwork that requires a reference for that particular day. If an employee must leave their desk for a meeting or lunch break, a quick once over should be carried out to confirm that there isn’t any sensitive information scattered openly on the desk. Always finish off each business day with a clutter-free, organized desk.
  1. For proper implementation and improved organization, your workplace should have the right tools to allow for a clean-desk policy. This includes lockable drawers and also lockable collection bins so employees can dispose of sensitive documents that are no longer needed, somewhere
  1. Make it simple for employees to keep their desks free of confidential records by partnering with a trusted document destruction provider in Syracuse. At PROSHRED Syracuse, we’ll supply you with locked collection consoles to place throughout your office as needed. Once containers are at capacity, simply arrange a pick-up time to have your sensitive documents securely shred. At the end of the day, it is crucial to reinforce to your staff that sensitive documents need to stay away from your garbage or recycling bin, as this poses a significant security threat to your company.


Increase the security of information in your office, with a clean desk policy. Our business shredding services ensure your private information is protected from exposure. Through the use of a clean desk policy and professional document shredding solutions, the potential of a data breach occurrence will drop considerably.

Contact PROSHRED in Syracuse, for assistance in planning and implementing your clean desk policy. We’ll help to ensure your clean desk policy is a success! Call us today at 1-315-333-2727!

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