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July 10, 2018

PROSHRED® Minnesota is an Approved Criminal Justice Information (CJIS) Vendor

Minnetonka MN – The State of Minnesota has approved PROSHRED® Minnesota (https://www.proshred.com/minnesota/) as a vendor qualified to access and destroy Criminal Justice Information (CJIS) documents, hard drives and other media.  Persons responsible for safeguarding CJIS can find PROSHRED® (listed as Pro Shred) and our approved individuals on CJIS Online .  (https://www.cjisonline.com)

CJIS standards were first established by the FBI in 1992 to protect the privacy and authenticity of vital criminal justice records throughout the nation by setting data security, handling, and disposal standards.

To meet and maintain compliance standards, agencies must ensure the employees of their chosen vendor are meeting the strict requirements to receive clearance to handle and destroy CJIS records, both physical and digital.  Most states have taken the FBI’s recommendations and provided a process for obtaining clearance per CJIS requirements.

PROSHRED® Minnesota employees have undergone the training required by the State of Minnesota and have met all federal standards required to manage the collection and destruction of Criminal Justice Information.

Contact PROSHRED® Minnesota at (952) 935-9256 or at [email protected].

PROSHRED® Minnesota also maintains a AAA certification from the National Association for Information Destruction and is ISO 9001 (2008) certified.

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