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September 19, 2019

Do You Make These Mistakes with Your Personal Info?

There isn’t much to suspect in a typical morning routine. Perhaps you sort through email, click a few links, check a few accounts and maybe use your debit card to buy a coffee mug for your desk at work. Maybe you sort through yesterday’s physical mail, tossing a few credit card come-ons into the bin.

This all sounds productive and normal, but in this scenario, you have already committed at least four mistakes and put your personal identity at risk.

Easy Mistakes to Make

In Minnesota, 40% of committed fraud involves credit cards and costs an average of $387 per theft. Gaining access to someone’s sensitive information is as easy as reaching into a mailbox. We live in a world where our identity is one of our most valuable resources, yet we frequently treat it casually. Providing your identity with a good defense requires constant vigilance. If you’ve made any of the common mistakes below, you may need to rethink your approach to your personal information.

Cut Out Guesswork with a Certified Shredding Service

Basic “strip shredding” shredders that you buy commercially are better than nothing, but these strips of paper, especially if they’re all thrown out together, can still be reconstructed. Many of the above suggestions require a change in personal habits or behavior, but one of the most common ways thieves obtain information – through physical mail – can be thwarted with a simple phone call.

Instead of throwing out your mail daily, reserve a box or lockable collection bin for items with sensitive personal information on them. When your boxes are full, or when you simply feel you need to clear out some space, you can request the services of a shredding company. Here at PROSHRED Minnesota, we’re happy to dispatch a truck wherever needed, but we also have a drop-off service, perfect for up to three boxes of documents. Your documents will be cross-shred, and the resulting particles will then be securely and responsibly recycled.

If you’re ready to set a new, healthy habit for your personal security, get a quote for your shredding needs today or call 1-877-767-4733.

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