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December 20, 2016

Protect Yourself in the New Year

With the start of the New Year, a question you need to ask yourself is are you looking after your sensitive information adequately? As you get back into a normal work schedule, it’s more critical than ever to secure your money and of course your identity. Unfortunately, this is the peak time when it comes to thieves. These individuals are basically prowling for your digits as you carry out your online purchases, or while you are connected to your bank app through your local Wi-Fi.

The New Year brings substantial distractions and people will take advantage of this. At PROSHRED Minnesota, we urge you to be on guard more than ever.

Data breaches continue to occur and be a part of our lives, but the positive news is that you can take some key preventative steps in protecting yourself. If you’re still making those last-minute purchases like many of us are, here are some simple methods to keep in mind for securing your information. Review these before you make your next transaction online or at the store!

Lastly, if you are concerned that your personal information has been exposed, or you’ve fallen victim to identity theft, proceed to the FTC website for simple instructions on what you need to do to look after yourself.

If you have any questions in regards to how our document shredding services can protect you, we offer a variety of shredding solutions that are convenient and assist in protecting your security.

Get in touch with the team at PROSHRED Minnesota for additional details.

Call 1-952-777-4876.

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