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November 1, 2021

Certificate Of Destruction – Why Is It So Important?


Certificate Of Destruction

Certificate Of Destruction – Why Is It So Important?

Secure document disposal is a major problem for any company dealing with sensitive information. Secure document disposal is critical for firms that handle sensitive information. If these companies’ records aren’t safe, they’ll be in serious legal jeopardy. Secure document destruction can protect firms with sensitive documents from corporate espionage or the unintentional leaking of sensitive information. Documents that are not properly destroyed can be recovered by scavengers or less diligent personnel through trash diving. Punitive measures alone will not fix these issues, nor will they free the parties of their responsibilities.

Secure document destruction is vital, as it’s the only method for companies to guarantee that their document control liability is eliminated, and the only way to do so is to receive a certificate of destruction from a qualified contracting company.

So, what is this Certificate of Destruction?

Your firm must get a Certificate of Destruction after each service to demonstrate that your papers, hard drives, or media have been safely destroyed, in order to comply with privacy regulations. This certificate of destruction certifies that all data acquired was destroyed and that any remnants were appropriately disposed of.

Here are the types of information that you should expect to find on a Certificate of Destruction:

The Certificate of Destruction not only protects your business against data theft and costly legal fines but also allows you to show documentation of correct destruction in the case of an audit. ProShred provides the most secure and professional shredding services available in America, with more than two decades of proven in-field expertise and ISO certification to guarantee the highest standards in quality and service. Call us today and start shredding with a reputable company.

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