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December 6, 2021

Why Your Business Should Consider Document Destruction

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For any size business, document shredding has become a common practice, not only because it’s the most secure way to protect your confidential information but it’s the law to ensure the safety of your client’s information. The only problem is that when you shred in-house, it can take up valuable time as depending on the amount and how regular you need to shred, it could take you days. That is where document destruction services come into play.
Professional shredding companies have created secure document destruction services to fit the shredding needs of any business, whether you need a one-time purge once a year or a more regular service that is scheduled monthly or bimonthly, the shredding experts got you covered.
These services even come with more advantages other than making you compliant with privacy laws. Let’s go into more detail about everything you get out of using document destruction services.



As we mentioned before, when you have to shred hundreds of documents yourself, through a tiny personal shredder where you have to feed the machine one page at a time, it becomes very time-consuming and takes up time you could spend on more essential tasks at work. When you use a document destruction service, all you need to do is the point in the direction of the documents you need destroyed and the shredding experts handle the rest. It takes them minutes to shred that same giant pile that would have taken your hours or even days.


These companies that perform document destruction are known for designing their services to be secure and will vet their employees to ensure that your documents are always in safe hands. Most of these companies will be AAA certified, meaning they go through inspections so they can provide the highest quality services. Not only that, but companies will even provide on-site mobile shredding, which means they come to your location in their mobile truck and destroy all your documents right at your location, so your documents don’t leave your business without being completely unrecoverable. Another perk to using on-site shredding is that you can even watch the shredding yourself.


When you use a document destruction service, you no longer have to worry about whether your documents were shredded securely or if you can make time to do the job yourself. When you use the professionals, you can rest easy knowing the job was done correctly, allowing you to lay back and relax.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most significant benefits of using any type of document destruction service is that all the paper is recycled. Once your service has been completed, the paper bits are taken to a recycling facility where it is made into pulp and then produced other paper products, like paper tissue or towels. Document destruction helps you do your part to help protect the environment and keep your documents out of landfills.



Keep your information safe by using a document destruction service. Get in touch with Proshred today to get started.


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