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October 5, 2016

Why Denver Businesses Should Transfer Their Files into Digital Form

Paperwork is good to have in case you ever needed proof of every business transaction if government officials come knocking at your door. However, paperwork can be messy when you have to keep it organized and filed for up to five years. You could soon be looking at stacks of sensitive information that need to be safeguarded and scanning through these stacks to find what you are looking for is a nightmare to any employee. Denver businesses can now function easier with the help of PROSHRED’s scanning services.

Scan All of your Huge Piles of Documents

PROSHRED can get all of your documents scanned in an organized manner. Piles of paper that consumes floor spaces in offices and warehouses can fit into a tiny hard drive which you can keep locked away securely in a safe. Your Denver business will save a lot of money on filing, admin, maintaining and storage. It is also much easier for your business to extract a single file from the large database when the computer can do the searching for you.

Shred Those Documents So Your Company Info Can Be Safe

Often when you have a lot of paper documents, things can easily get misplaced or lost and may end up falling in the wrong hand. Once you have converted your documents into digital files, it is important to have your documents destroyed, via a shredder so no one can steal those documents and commit fraud, account hacking or identity theft with sensitive information of your clients and your business. PROSHRED also offers shredding services and will destroy all of your company’s documents which you no longer need to store away since everything is now locked away in a hard drive. The PROSHRED team will shred all sensitive information right in front of your eyes using our shred trucks. The shred equipment is specially developed to tear the papers into hundreds of pieces which no one will ever be able to assemble again. Once all documents are shredded you can decide to dispose of them yourself or have them disposed of. With PROSHRED, you gain complete functionality and discretion with one single phone call.

For more information on how PROSHRED can assist your Denver business with our shredding solutions, call us at (303) 730-2500.

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