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May 29, 2020

Purge Shredding Service: Perfect For Clean Outs

You step into your office for another day of work, same as you do everyday, a steaming cup of coffee or tea clutched in your hand. Today is different though, for one reason or another you pick up on a detail that you’ve always known about but never acknowledge: your office is a right mess. Papers, boxes, and folders are strewn about the place, reaching up towards the ceiling. Somewhere along the way your perfectly organized office has turned into a disorganized disaster.

old newspapers

You need to take a stand against the rising tide of clutter that is taking over your place. But what can be done? You still have work to be done and no time to waste on battling the ever advancing clutter. Perhaps you could chip away at it here and there, but that could be a long and difficult road. You need something that will get you results fast so you can get on with other more important things.

One Time Purge

Fortunately such a service exists that can accomplish this exact task. A one-time purge is exactly what it sounds like, a one off service that comes to your location and purges all those pesky documents that are taking over your documents. After that you can get a certificate of destruction to prove you’ve taken care of your documents in a proper manner. Then, you can settle down into your office that has been reclaimed from the rising tide of papers and carry on with work.

Many big offices sign on for a recurring scheduled service because the amount of documents they produce on a daily base is very high. While this is a great way to stay on top of your needs and stay in compliance, it’s not an option for many smaller companies. This is why the one-time service exists, to service the needs of those who still require secure shredding.

This wonderful service is only achievable through the wonders of our shredding trucks. These mighty vehicles are able to come to any location, at any time, to carry out shredding. They each contain an industrial shredder that is easily able to chew through any amount of papers you have. Folders, staples, paper clips, etc are all no issue for it either, meaning you won’t have to worry about sorting through your documents beforehand. Just throw them right into the machine.

Getting such a service is very easy, simply reach out to us or your shredder of choice, and book a day and time that works for you. It’s that simple, and there’s no reason for you to keep putting off getting a good purge to bring some organization to your world.

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