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Choosing the Right Scheduled Shredding Frequency: Finding the Balance for Your Needs

Information is valuable, especially when it comes to confidential documents. Whether it’s personal documents or ones from a business, keeping them safe when the time comes to dispose of them is crucial. Many companies turn to mobile document shredding companies for services, but one question arises from this: how often do you need to use

How Confidential Paper Shredding Can Help Lawyers Keep Their Client’s Information Secure

For a legal firm, your clients are the most vital part of your business, and you are trusted with all the confidential information you are given, from the time it’s handed over to the time that it’s destroyed. To adhere to the privacy laws that lawyers and firms must follow, it’s necessary to ensure that

Data Protection for Healthcare: Protecting Confidential Information

Healthcare workers handle confidential information every single day. From medical records to billing statements and more, hospitals, urgent care centers, and practices of all sizes work with hundreds of pieces of private data. If you own a healthcare business, you probably know that if this information fell into the wrong hands, it will cause a

The Different Types of Paper and How They Can Be Shredded

Whether you’re an individual working at home or a business owner in an office, chances are you’ll use a variety of different types of paper. Different paper comes in a variety of weights, finishes, and stiffness. A single sheet of paper can be lightweight, flexible, and almost transparent, or it can be heavy, inflexible, and

The Best Way to Keep Your Company’s Files Organized

An organized company is a productive company. But if your business is drowning in a sea of paper or digital files, it’s time to take action. The good news is that there are many different ways to get your company’s files under control. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the five best ways

5 Online Behaviors That Put Your Data at Risk

Regardless of how many IT safeguards you have in place if you aren’t appropriately cautious your online behavior can still put you at risk. According to recent studies, nearly 99% of workplace professionals have been shown to have performed at least one potentially harmful action online. This risky behavior is not limited to workplace devices,

Safeguard Your Intellectual Property Rights

Most business owners realize that protecting their intellectual property is one of the most important steps to running a successful company. When protecting your company’s assets, your intellectual property and trade secrets may be the most important information you own. While there are laws in place to protect intellectual property, such as the Economic Espionage

How to Spring Clean Your Sensitive Documents

Spring is just around the corner, but it’s never too early for a little Spring cleaning. Whether you need to dispose of old documents or you want to digitize all of your paperwork, this is the perfect time to reorganize your office. At PROSHRED® St. Louis, our goal is to teach everyone about the importance

How Do You Dispose of Old Hard Drives?

Businesses all over the country are constantly receiving new information that must be stored and organized in digital systems for easy accessibility. This means that eventually, mounds of information that has accumulated on hard drives and other digital media storage devices will have to be cleaned up, and what’s no longer needed will have to

HIPAA Guidelines Regarding Medical Record Shredding Services

Medical records contain some of the most sensitive personal information about an individual. While many of these records are now stored digitally, paper documents are still widely used, making it critical that once medical records are no longer needed, they are disposed of securely in a carefully managed process.  In the United States, patient privacy

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