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August 31, 2016

Why Hire a Professional Paper Shredding Service?

You really can’t be too careful anymore! The bad guys out there seem to be growing and sprouting up like weeds in the garden. So finding solutions for protecting sensitive data has become critical as well. One such solution is regular shredding of this sensitive material.  Shredding makes it so much harder to get anything usable out of your trash!  If you have a large amount of documents that is taking up space, also consider doing a one-time purge.  Clearing out that storage room or closet is a great way to get ready for the end of the year!

On-Site Mobile Shredding at your office:

If you are a busy office you most likely don’t not have time, resources, or the facilities to do on the spot shredding.  If this is the case, you need a firm that can help.  PROSHRED offers affordable mobile shredding and drop off services throughout the greater St. Louis area.  ProShred also will perform a security assessment services to find out what your security needs might be. Depending on the size of your operation, you might need more or less Security Containers that would get picked up, and either daily, weekly, or monthly shredding services.

The need to be secure with your sensitive information documents is more critical than ever. Lawyers, doctors, and other businesses or service providers who regularly work with sensitive information for clients.  From legal findings, to social security numbers, to addresses with credit card information or health information – all have a huge responsibility to those clients to protect that sensitive information from those who would do harm if they had it.


On-site residential Shredding:

Do you have a basement or storage area that is just getting to cluttered with old paperwork or documents that you don’t need?  Do you think that it’s going to be such a hassle to figure out where to take everything so it is securely destroyed and the next thing you realize it’s been another year and you still have gotten rid of anything?  Hiring ProShred to come to you house is the easiest and safest way to get rid of those documents.   Don’t let another season go by before you take action.

Why ProShred St. Louis:

PROSHRED St. Louis is an independent franchise that adheres to ISO 9001 protocols and NAID  standards. All national, state, and local standards are met or exceeded.  We are dedicated to helping their clients keep client and consumer data protected by shredding their personal information in a timely fashion. Don’t get caught in a data protection breach – get secure shredding services and stay safe.



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