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September 6, 2016

Make Paper Shredding Part of Your Daily Routine

Now is the PERFECT time to make sure you are protected from Identify theft.  Summer is officially over, so take a few moments to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your yourself safe.  Are you getting a lot of mail now that the kids are back to school?  Do you have kids that are in college now and signing up for a lot of credit cards and trying to build that all important credit for later in life?   The link below is a great article on ways to protect yourself and your family.

Keeping information safe at home:

Are you shredding all the documents you are getting in the mail?  Take the time now to get rid of all those old documents in the house.  Free is space in your office or basement.   Having a reliable mobile shredding company is a critical part of the process.   If you need to most reliable company in St. Louis, call ProShred now!  ProShred is a top mobile shredding company that will come to your house and shred all the documents right in front of you so you can feel 100% confident the information is safe.




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