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Business Shredding Services

Business Shredding Services

With 20+ years of trusted shredding experience in the Atlanta market and a certified team, PROSHRED® Georgia provides protected and professional shredding services to businesses across the state. We understand the importance of protecting company, employee, and customer data, and our team uses the most advanced shredding technologies to ensure you meet federal and state legislation.

Healthcare Shredding & Medical Record Destruction

PROSHRED® Georgia offers complete destruction of all medical records to ensure the privacy of your customers. Patient privacy is front and center with our shredding company, as all sensitive medical records and healthcare materials are shredded by certified professionals. PROSHRED® is here to help your healthcare facility meet HIPAA and other healthcare information laws.

Secure Business Services
Secure Shredding Bin

Financial Record Shredding

Financial analysts operate with confidential business records and personal information every day. Unfortunately, financial experts may not have the time or needed equipment to properly destroy this confidential data. Documents must be handled with caution and destroyed in a secure and professional fashion. A certified shredding company, like PROSHRED® ensures the safety of your company and clients’ information.

Legal Document & Record Shredding

Each law firm and legal office is encouraged to hire a professional shredding company it can count on. Not only are clients the most important facet of your team, but their privacy deserves the utmost care and protection. PROSHRED® Georgia is your qualified legal records shredding company, and we’ll ensure all state and federal information security laws are followed throughout the entire destruction process.

Business Shredding Services

Home Office Shredding Services

As new trends are developing in the workplace, more employees are working from home, taking confidential documents out of the office. This places companies at an increasing risk of information breaches. Privacy measures must be in place outside of the typical business setting to develop protocols for shredding valuable information from all branches of the office space, including in your home.

Residential Shredding Services

Homeowners and residents in Georgia need shredding services, too. Items such as bills, bank statements, and any other document with personal, identifying information pose a threat to your identity when not properly destroyed. Residents need a trusted and professional shredding company, and they choose PROSHRED® Georgia for its easy to use and certified services.


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