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Guide to the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Shredding Company

Do you wonder if your business could benefit from hiring a paper shredding company? The simple answer is—yes! Businesses all over Georgia can take advantage of professional paper shredding services to keep their information safe and secure. While the top priority of shredding companies like PROSHRED® Georgia is to keep sensitive information safe while it

Eliminate Risk: How a Clean Desk Policy Can Protect Your Company

Life in a busy office can be hectic, especially if that office still uses paper documents to perform daily tasks. Documents are often left piled up on desks, binders are left open and exposed, and sensitive company records are placed where anyone can see them. While these documents are essential for doing business, they often

What is it with all those add-on fees?

Since about 2005, many service industries have generated additional revenue from their customers by unbundling their pricing to off-set their rising cost structures. Airlines, reacting to steadily rising fuel prices, are famous for charging for any “extra” you may desire to make your travel more comfortable. More than one carry-on bag? That’ll cost you. Priority

Atlanta Businesses Reduce Operating Expenses

The current pandemic has challenged the financial viability of many businesses nationally and locally. While some companies have worked uninterrupted and have reduced their overhead costs by having some of their employees work remotely, certain essential functions still have to be done at the office.  To return to pre-COVID operating margins, many business owners, Operations

Does my business really need Business Associates Agreements?

Think of it as building unscalable walls and a deep mote to surround your business and protect your personal wealth from challenges brought about because of operational failures by third parties that your business has hired to outsource critical workflow processes.   Economic realities have driven many businesses in America to outsource non-core functions, which

Should You Use a Mobile Shredding Service to Shred Documents at Your Home Office?

You may think that you can cut out certain procedures when you transition from office work to remote work. However, you should take care about what policies you eliminate. You should never stop using a mobile shredding service simply because you think it’s unnecessary. Business must continue as usual, and that means you and your

What can I safely get rid of?

All your life, you’ve been encouraged to be responsible and to keep printed copies of all the important documents that affect the quality of your life: bank statements, investment statements, medical records and real estate transaction documents, to name a few. But, over time, they accumulate, and they age. Which documents are important to keep

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