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Business Shredding in Watertown

In today’s climate, companies of all sizes and industries first of all need to take privacy legislation seriously. Hence, they may need to implement new processes that assist in protecting against unauthorized access to confidential information.

PROSHRED® Watertown’s on-site shredding services supply companies with the most secure and environmentally-sound method of shredding confidential documents. Our flexible and cost-effective process is also successful in protecting private information and maintaining compliance with legislation. We also help our customers avoid breach-of-security situations that could result in negative publicity. Finally, we provide peace of mind for your Watertown business.

Medical Record Shredding & Destruction

The majority of healthcare and medical professionals know the importance of properly shredding medical records to protect the privacy of patients in Watertown facilities. Doctors and healthcare practitioners in general, deal with an individual’s most sensitive personal details on a regular basis. Patients trust you to maintain their privacy, therefore it’s imperative that records are handled with care and professionalism at all times. When medical records are being discarded, it is crucial that the destruction process is performed with the highest level of security and care.

Document Shredding Professional Shaking Hands with Medical Professional
financial shredding

Financial Record Shredding

Financial institutions look after some of the most valuable information surrounding individuals and companies. In addition, chances are your company prints and discard numerous documents a month of your own financial data that needs to be protected. With this in mind, it’s crucial that these financial records are securely shredded by professionals when it is time to dispose of them.

Legal Record Shredding & Document Destruction

In order to keep client documents safe, your firm needs a legal record shredding provider it can rely on. After all, your clients are the lifeblood of your business, and your respect for their confidentiality is a cornerstone of their trust in your law firm. An experienced legal record shredding company will make sure your client files maintain their privacy before and after destruction. When your legal records are ready to be discarded, get in touch with PROSHRED® Watertown to help you.

legal shredding
home office shredding

Home Office Shredding Solutions

With the number of corporate staff traveling on the rise, working flex hours and doing business from home, more and more documents of sensitive nature are also likely to leave the office. As a result, your organization risks a confidentiality breach if certain precautions aren’t taken. Privacy legislation applies beyond the office setting, and mandates companies to follow procedures that work towards safeguarding sensitive information both inside, and outside of the office.

Residential Document Shredding Solutions

PROSHRED® Watertown has designed a convenient residential document shredding service that limits the risks of discarding personal and home-office material such as personal identity theft and corporate spying.

residential shredding

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