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Sensitive information exists electronically, as well as on paper. Hard drive destruction is necessary for companies when they are upgrading to new systems, or when systems reach the end of its life cycle. Most businesses store sensitive information, highly confidential emails, invoices and budget numbers on hard drives. Throwing these away in the trash leaves critical information vulnerable to the public.  Destroying the hard drives properly is the only method of data removal that guarantees the safety of your company’s critical information.

Erasing Data is Not Enough

Erasing a hard drive does not mean that information has been removed successfully. Your business’ safety depends on more than erasing data. Fragments of information can still remain accessible even after your hard drive has been formatted. If a skilled individual gets a hold of your old hard drives, they could potentially be able to access your critical files. Data can only be removed by professional hard drive destruction, which will help ensure your company’s future is protected.


On-Site Hard Drive Destruction in Watertown

PROSHRED® Watertown provides hard drive destruction services that look after your end-of-life hard drives. We professionally destroy and dispose of all of your hard drives so that recovery is simply impossible. Our hard drive destruction specialists collect your hard drives by visiting your place of business too. Next, the hard drives are securely transported to our facility for immediate destruction. Alternatively, PROSHRED® Watertown also provides mobile hard drive shredding if you prefer that the hard drives remain in your custody until they are destroyed. This on-site hard drive destruction process can be executed directly at your place of business, providing you with the peace of mind you need. As always, following the hard drive shredding process, we present our clients with a detailed certificate of destruction showing the date and the time of hard drive pickup.

Recycling E-Waste And Complying With Legislation

PROSHRED® Watertown understands and appreciates the dedication your business has to the environment. We are also fully committed! In fact, we send all shredded electronic material to local recycling companies that specialize in electronics, for additional processing. Even computer monitors are disposed of safely! We will only partner with recycling providers who are certified and comply with federal and state electronic waste regulations. This process occurs only after your hard drives have been professionally destroyed.


Our PROSHRED® Watertown team has developed this great video to show you how the hard drive destruction process works. Enjoy!


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