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November 7, 2017

3 Must Haves for Secure Shredding in Albany

Simple Secure Shredding


Many businesses invest heavily in IT security. Business owners understand the importance of protecting online files, email during transmission and chat logs. Curiously, however, many employers don’t consider the genuine risk of hardcopy documents getting into the wrong hands. This is where secure shredding with PROSHRED® Albany comes into play!

Poor document management can lead to information to competitors, disgruntled employees, identity thieves, and the general public. These leaks can damage your business and employee morale. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to protect the integrity of all information shared in your workplace.

Establish a Clean Desk Policy

Establishing a policy of keeping desks clear of non-essential items and documents serves three important purposes:

1. Uncluttered desks keep the office looking professional. This is important when you are trying to make a good first impression to potential clients and other visitors. Clean desk policies also keep desk interiors less cluttered, as employees will be required to regularly de-clutter desk drawers to ensure that documents and other items can fit in those spaces.

2. When employees are no longer distracted by clutter, they can more easily focus on their assignments. In addition, employees with well-organized workspaces can more easily find documents and information. As a result, a clean desk policy can equal greater productivity and efficiency.

3. Leaving documents on a desktop presents a security risk to your business. When employees leave documents on their desks, anyone can see the information the documents contain.

Purchase Cabinets and Desks That Lock

Instead of being left on top of desks, documents should be stored in lockable employee desks or office file cabinets. It’s impossible to control access to desks and file cabinets at all times, particularly during weekends and evenings. Even employee desks can be vulnerable when an employee is out of the office.

Contract with a Secure Shredding Service

The fact that your office no longer needs access to a hard copy of a document doesn’t mean that it might not have value to a competitor or saboteur. When it’s time to get rid of a document, a secure shredding service can protect your business.

PROSHRED® Albany provides a mobile shredding service to the Albany business community. Our employees place locked bins in your office for easy document disposal. One of our representatives will visit your office on an agreed-upon schedule to remove the documents and shred them on-site in one of our trucks. We hold ISO 9001 Certification, giving you peace of mind by knowing that your documents are being disposed of in accordance with the highest standards. Review our full list of services or contact us (518) 512-0321 to see how we can keep you secure today.

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