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November 28, 2016

Why You Should Do Away with Your Office Shredder

As with several Albany organizations, paperwork plays an imperative role in day-to-day business operations. It’s important, however, to remember that without properly disposing of your unneeded sensitive records all of that paperwork will quickly build up, causing a messy and distracting work environment for your employees.   Turning to your office shredder to destroy your confidential documents may seem like an ideal solution, but in reality, these devices can result in more problems than you might think and are simply not worth the risks.

Your best bet is to turn to a professional document shredding provider for destruction you can trust in. PROSHRED Albany offers shredding solutions that ensure total security over your information. While you may have sensitive details on physical documents, you most likely have confidential information stored elsewhere on other media. If you’re in the midst of updating your computer systems, you will have a supply of hard drives, USB keys, and CD-ROM’s to sort through to determine what’s no longer relevant and should, therefore, be disposed of.  An office shredder is designed to shred through paper only, meaning you’re still left with the issue of your electronic media. Teaming up with NAID Certified PROSHRED ensures that nothing goes by the wayside; our professionals are highly experienced in hard drive destruction services, securing your sensitive data so there is no chance of exposure.

Secondly, an office shredder lacks the proper efficiency as paperwork is shred into thin strips only and not into unrecoverable particles. If the intent is there and the information is discovered, paper strips can be put back together fairly easily. Our NAID Certified shredding equipment is designed to destroy your material beyond the point of recovery; all paper particles are mixed with other paper to further enhance overall security. Our professional team is highly skilled and trained when it comes to the handling of your information, and each representative follows strict procedures in an effort to protect our clients from the moment material is collected to the moment it’s entirely shred. We take your privacy seriously and guarantee this through certified, professional shredding services.  Office shredders can’t guarantee this same level of reliability and security and are often not used as regularly as they should be.

Lastly, purchasing an office shredder may seem like it will save your business money, but in the long run, it will cost your business a lot more, and in more ways than one. Potential exposure of confidential information is a huge possibility if your company assigns its employees to shred sensitive information, plus it takes them away from performing important job duties. Time is money! Owning an in-house shredder means you will need ongoing maintenance and repair fees that can add up quickly financially. PROSHRED Albany will reduce the many hands involved, in the proper destruction of your documents and hard drives. As always, the team at PROSHRED Albany is proud to offer competitive but affordable prices, with no hidden fees or contracts.

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