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March 15, 2017

The Importance Behind Professional Hard Drive Destruction

When it’s time for your organization to  dispose of old hard drives, it’s crucial that you are making every effort to avoid a data breach and/or information theft. While you may be tempted to take this task on internally, in doing so you may run many risks. – Unless your hard drives are properly destroyed by a secure destruction process, your information may be retried and used maliciously to carry out a criminal act.

The only form of data removal that offers guaranteed data protection is through hard drive shredding. PROSHRED® Albany is your resource for effective hard drive destruction solutions. Our hard drive destruction services  are completed quickly and securely and is done so at a reasonable rate.

PROSHRED® Albany ensures:

Data is Unrecoverable

It’s important to realize that criminals can easily obtain information on “erased” hard drives, partially damaged hard drives, or hard drives that are tossed in the trash. Wiping information on a hard drive does not guarantee that the data has been eliminated indefinitely. Physical hard drive destruction using PROSHRED® Albany’s industry leading shred equipment can securely destroy any hard drive, and make sure any data is entirely unrecoverable.

No Substantial Fines

Companies face significant fines when they fail to dispose of their electronic data properly. Each time a security breach occurs, your company may wind up facing thousands of dollars in fines. Avoiding these fines is easy when you turn to PROSHRED® Albany’s professional data destruction services.

Gain Your Valuable Office Space Back

Storing old hard drives can take up valuable space in your office. Shredding these hard drives is extremely time-consuming and fairly risky if you aren’t equipped with a high-security data destruction machine. In an effort to save time and free up office space quickly, we highly encourage you to partner with a professional hard drive destruction provider such as PROSHRED® Albany, for service you can trust in.

Your Company Follows Regulatory Compliance

A professional data destruction company is experienced about the specific regulations surrounding destroying electronic media. We are responsible for following these laws accordingly, and we’ll ensure your business stays within full regulatory compliance. This removes the worry of fines, as well as ensuring your hard drives are effectively disposed of according to the laws that apply to information found on hard drives.

Guaranteed Removal of All Data

PROSHRED® Albany can ensure that all of the data on your data storage media is completely removed. We will accomplish this through physical destruction of your hard drives using high-tech media destruction equipment. This will render information on hard drives unrecoverable. What does this mean for you? Data will be impossible to retrieve even if modern forensic techniques are applied.

Contact us today to learn about our hard drive destruction solutions. Our professionals will securely destroy your sensitive media and ensure your organization is in full compliance with all key privacy regulations.

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