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August 10, 2016

The Workplace Documents You Should Shred

Shredded paper

When it comes to your company in Albany, your documents, records, and other informative media material is a crucial entity in how your company operates. However, the amount of your documents and records also plays an important role. There could be days when it seems you are dealing with massive piles of paperwork and material. Without an organized document management system in place, the kinds of documents and records you are holding onto can become confusing, but even if you are using a document management system, you may have old documents that you no longer need.

When you toss your documents in the garbage, you may not think about what could happen to them. A growing concern in Syracuse and all over the United States is identity theft, which is a crime where a person steals your private information for personal usage. One common way that identity thieves succeed in taking private, personal data is through dumpster diving. That is where a person digs through trash in search of sensitive information.

PROSHRED® Albany can assist you in dealing with your sensitive documents by ensuring that all material is properly shredded. Our experienced shred specialists will help craft an ongoing shredding plan that works for your busy day-to-day work schedule.

Perhaps you are not too sure which documents and records you should have shredded? Here is a list of what you should consider having destroyed:



In addition, PROSHRED® Albany offers many shredding services, such as one-time purges and drop-off services.

Contact us for more details on how we can assist your Albany business at 1 (315) 333-2727



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