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Green Loyalty Program

We all have a stake in preserving our environment. PROSHRED® Boston, takes this responsibility seriously. All of the shredded paper that we destroy is recycled. We partner with you not only to increase your information security, but with your commitment to recycling, we all work together to benefit our environment. Our approach ensures that shredded paper returns to the marketplace as recycled copy paper, tissue paper, paper towels, packaging and additional consumer paper products.

TreeSaver Environment Certificate

PROSHRED® Boston, Green Loyalty Program recognizes your active commitment to our document destruction recycling and provides you with a TreeSaver Environment Certificate every year to show you the number of trees your business has saved through the results of our ongoing relationship. To find out more about our TreeSaver Environmental Certificate, please contact your local PROSHRED® branch or call 1-87-PROSHRED.

Earth Day Community Shredding Events

Every year on Earth Day, PROSHRED® launches system-wide, community shredding events for participating locations. On Monday, April 22nd was Earth Day 2013, and PROSHRED® Security conducted 19 community shredding events across 12 states utilizing over 20 on-site document shredding trucks. It was the largest Earth Day shred event in the company’s history. With tens of thousands of pounds of paper recycled, PROSHRED® maintained the confidentiality of hundreds of guests who attended the event.

Helping Conservation

Focused on improving the information security of America’s small and medium enterprises (SME) through its secure “Document Destruction at Your Door” shredding and recycling program, PROSHRED®'s network of locally managed and nationally operated shredding operations recycled more than 23,300 tons of paper in the last year, up 6% from 2011.

PROSHRED® estimates that the resulting recycled paper from its onsite shredding service has contributed to its customers, helping conserve over 396,100 trees, 8.9 million gallons of oil, 69,900 cubic yards of landfill space, 93.2 million kilowatt hours of energy (enough to power almost 11,000 average American homes for a year), 163 million gallons of water, and 1.4 million pounds of air pollution.

You can find out more by reading our Earth Day’s press release here.

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