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Hard-Drive Destruction

The amount of information and data that businesses keep on computer hard drives nowadays is unprecedented in history. Now more than ever, it’s vital that a hard drive destruction service be used whenever a hard drive has reached its end-of-life. This is the only way to ensure that confidential and highly sensitive emails, invoices, budgetary numbers and internal documents aren’t accessed by outside individuals.

It’s Not Enough To Just Erase Data

It’s not enough to simply erase information from a Hard Drive and expect the data to not be accessed. Once files have been erased they can still be accessed by an individual skilled in information retrieval. Even if the Hard Drive is formatted, some of the information may still be accessible. The only way to ensure that information cannot be accessed once the Hard Drive leaves your premises is to engage the use of a Hard drive destruction service.

Boston On-Site Hard Drive Destruction

PROSHRED® Boston hard drive destruction services can ensure that your hard drives are properly destroyed before being discarded. Our hard drive shredding professionals will come to your business to pick up your end-of-life hard drives. If you require that your hard drives remain in your custody until they are destroyed, PROSHRED® Boston also offers mobile hard drive shredding. This on-site hard drive destruction can happen on-location at your facility, so you can watch your hard drives being destroyed. We also provide a detailed certificate of destruction showing the date and the time of hard drive pickup.

PROSHRED® Boston Offers Convenient Hard-Drive Destruction Service

PROSHRED® Boston has the extensive experience and professionalism needed to provide industry leading service to our Boston customers.  Allow our team to work with you in customizing an on-going shredding program for your needs.

The safest and most effective way for a company to dispose of old hard drives is by using a professional hard drive destruction service, like ours. If your company handles private information, you are at risk of information theft, so properly disposing of your data is increasingly important.

While taking a drill to your hard drive might make it unusable to you, the right people with the right skillset can still retrieve the data that is on there. Our techniques guarantee that the data is completely destroyed and gone forever. 

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