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May 27, 2021

How Does Mobile Shredding Work? Our Experts Explain.

Many of our Atlanta area customers want to know more about our paper shredding services and what actually happens when their paper enters shred trucks. To help clear things up—and hopefully get people as excited as we are about how mobile shredding works—here are the steps it takes to transform stacks of paper into tiny pieces of confetti.


Step 1: Clients gather the documents they want to securely destroy.

Of course, the first step in the process is to have a source of paper that you want to discard securely. Any document with your name, address, phone number, social security number, or other personal identification can be used to steal your identity. Many people handle Protected Personal Information (PPI) in their daily work; others have personal information at their home they’d rather not just toss in the trash. Whatever your situation, PROSHRED® has a solution for you.


Step 2: Decide whether you need an On-Call or On-Going, On-Site Shredding Service (or whether you’re comfortable just dropping off your documents).

If you just have an occasional need for a shredding service, the big question you need to answer is whether you want to see it being shred, or whether you’re comfortable dropping it off for us to shred later.

Since our shredders are all on trucks, the only way to witness or watch your documents being shred is to schedule an appointment for us to come to you. We service all parts of metro-Atlanta weekly, so just call and make an appointment to get on a route.

If you have a box of documents or less, and you don’t need to witness it being shredded, use one of our drop-off locations (also located throughout metro-Atlanta).

If your office regularly produces sensitive printed information, you will prefer our scheduled mobile paper shredding service. We provide secure containers (at no charge) for our customers to store documents throughout the typical work week.

Our shredders can handle staples, paper clips, binder clips and spiral notebooks, so there’s no need to remove these before placing your paper in our containers. Pick up can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the amount of paper your business produces.

Step 2: PROSHRED® on the Scene!

On the day of your scheduled shredding appointment, a PROSHRED® customer service professional arrives with a mobile shredding truck to shred your documents on-site. This part of the process is truly hassle-free; our employee will unlock the bins and consoles to retrieve the documents to be destroyed.


Step 3: In They Go!

He’ll transport the documents to our shred truck in locked, wheeled storage bins. The bins are secured to an automated lift device on the side of our mobile trucks. When our technicians push the start button on the control panel, the bins are lifted, dumping all of the paper inside the shred hopper that feeds the paper into the shredder. This process means that no one comes in direct contact with your sensitive documents or manually feeds the shredder. Our customers appreciate this no-contact method, which we employ both for the safety of our employees and to ensure the absolute security of the process.


Step 4: Down the Hatch!

The papers loaded into the hopper fall directly into the shredder. At PROSHRED® of Georgia we use a single shredding method for your document shredding:

Pierce-and-Tear Shredding

  • This device works by gripping the paper, then pulling it apart into random fragments of different shapes and sizes.
  • For further protection, the remnant pieces are mixed in the back of the shred truck with remnant fragments from other jobs on the same route.
  • Unlike cutting, this method of document destruction ensures that reassembling documents from pieces is impossible.
  • This machine can shred approximately 100 standard size file boxes of paper per hour.


Step 5: Recycling What’s Left

Once the documents have been destroyed, the remnant paper can be given a new life as post-consumption recycled paper. Tissues, paper towels, packaging and even new copier paper can be created by soaking the paper scraps in treatment chemicals to convert it into paper pulp. 100% of the paper we shred goes to a local recycling facility, ensuring complete destruction.

Trust PROSHRED® of Georgia for Your Mobile Shredding Services

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how mobile paper shredding works, let us know if you need our help. Nearly every type of business or organization has sensitive printed information in their office or stored in files. This information is often necessary for running your business, but once those papers have reached the end of their useful life, it’s imperative that you take steps to protect that sensitive information and stay in compliance with federal privacy laws like FACTA or HIPAA. Simply tossing papers into the trash can or recycling bin can open you, your business, your employees, and even your customers up for identity theft and fraud.

By ensuring all of your paperwork is securely shredded on an on-call or on-going basis with a secure, professional service like PROSHRED® Georgia, you can protect your business and your reputation.

Ready to get started with mobile shredding services? Give us a call today: 1-678-580-1155

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