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June 20, 2016

How Shredding Works

Many of our Atlanta customers want to know more about our paper shred service and what actually happens when the paper enters the machines. To help clear things up — and hopefully get people as excited about shredding as we are about how shredding works — here are the steps it takes to transform stacks and stacks of paper into tiny confetti:

Step 1: Where the Paper Comes From

Of course, the first step in the process is to have a source of paper that customers want to discard.

With our scheduled mobile shredding services, clients store documents throughout the typical work week in our secure storage bins and consoles. Other customers store papers in the manner of their choosing.

Step 2: PROSHRED on the Scene!

When the time comes for the paper to be eliminated, PROSHRED arrives with our mobile shredding trucks to shred the documents On-Site.

Step 3: Taking the Documents off Your Hands

We transport the documents to-be-shredded to our shred truck, in locked, wheeled storage bins.

Step 4: In They Go!

The full transport bins are secured to the automated lift device on the side of our mobile trucks. Our technicians push the start button on console, and the bins are lifted to dump all the paper inside the shredding chute.

No one directly contacts the papers or manually dumps the bins for both safety reasons and to ensure the completeness of the job.

Step 5: Down the Hatch!

The papers loaded into the hopper chute fall into the shredding mechanism. There are two potential shredding methods we use to perform our document shredding:

The shredded paper materials commingle with thousands of other tiny paper particles to make reassembly a physical impossibility.

Step 6: Recycling What’s Left

Now that these documents have been destroyed, the remnant paper can be given a new life as a post-consumer recycled paper. Tissues, paper towels, packaging and even new copy paper can be created by soaking the paper scraps in treatment chemicals to convert it into paper pulp.


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