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October 11, 2016

Hard Drive Destruction Springfield

Unfortunately, we live in an age where cyber thieves and online hackers are prominent, targeting individuals and companies throughout the Springfield region and across the U.S. as well. Hard drive destruction services are one of the few ways to protect your business.

As technology is ever-changing and advancements are occurring on a daily basis, it’s probably your company will be updating its computer system at some point or another, to stay on top of these changes; prior to conducting these updates, it’s crucial that all data stored on hard drives is unrecoverable first. For your protection, ensure this process is completed before you rid of your old unwanted computer hardware.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner is failing to professionally destroy not only physical documents but electronic data too. Keep in mind that most hard drives contain a vast amount of valuable data, such as customer and employee information, budgets, marketing plans, contracts, pricing, and much more.

Taking preventative measures in securing your confidential data will protect your company from data breaches, fraud, and identity theft.

Why Consider Hard Drive Destruction?

Industry and Regulatory Compliance with Hard Drive Destruction

There is key legislation in association with data privacy, which dictates how records should be stored, their privacy and confidentiality, and their appropriate destruction period for compliances purposes. These regulations can be government specific, or according to a specific industry.

Partnering with PROSHRED for your hard drive destruction needs will ensure that your business is practicing compliant behavior and is following those regulations that are applicable to your industry. In doing so, your Springfield business will remain in good standing by the public as a reputable and reliable organization. You’ll also limit your risk of facing substantial legal consequences, such as fines associated with non-compliance.

Recycling Regulations and Hard Drive Destruction

Computers contain valuable parts and components that can be collected for recycling purposes. They also contain toxic and hazardous parts that should stay away from our landfills for our own environmental safety. There are government regulations that specify the appropriate way to dispose of these electronics as well. Hiring a professional hard drive destruction company such as PROSHRED, will provide you with the reassurance that through proper recycling and disposal methods, information will remain 100% secure, and disposed of in a sustainable manner.

Hard Drive Destruction Methods
It’s important to note that while there are several solutions for Hard Drive destruction, not all are entirely reliable. Secure, hard drive destruction is the only method of data destruction that guarantees the safety and protection of your data.

Overwriting the files on your hard drives can be completed with certain software, however, it’s a tedious and time-consuming job that doesn’t prove to be entirely reliable.

Data Removal

Erasing information from a hard drive is not enough to assume data can no longer be accessed. Once files have been erased from a drive, it is possible that a skilled individual determined enough to do so will attempt to retrieve data. Even if the drive is formatted, some of the information may still be accessible. The only way to guarantee that information will never be mistakenly exposed is through the use of a hard drive destruction service.


In essence, degaussing is a practice carried out to remove the hard drive’s magnetic field. Unfortunately, this form of data removal leaves room for error, and can’t be trusted as a permanent means of hard drive destruction.


Hard drive shredding is the only type of permanent data removal.  For complete peace of mind that your confidential information is abolished, take advantage of hard drive shredding provided by PROSHRED. Our mobile shred trucks are equipped with the necessary machinery to shred sensitive paperwork and critical hard drives; all at the convenience of your work location. At PROSHRED in Springfield, we provide responsible and cost-effective hard drive shredding to make certain your sensitive data is protected from security threats.


Why PROSHRED for Your Hard Drive Destruction Needs

PROSHRED Springfield hard drive destruction services are completed by experienced specialists who are trained to perform strict security policies, from the time your information is collected until its shred. Our hard drive destruction professionals will come to your workplace location to pick up your end-of-life hard drives for destruction and perform the shredding right before your eyes. This on-site hard drive destruction is performed through our state-of-the-art mobile shred trucks. We provide a detailed Certificate of Destruction showing the date and the time of hard drive destruction, following the process.


Recycling E-Waste and Complying With Legislation

PROSHRED Springfield realizes that your company is likely as dedicated to environmental stewardship as much as we are. Rest assured, we send each shredded hard drive to metal and electronics recyclers for additional processing.

Even computer monitors are securely disposed of without needing to flood our landfills! We send electronic waste only to recycling partners who are certified to comply with federal and state electronic waste regulations, and only after your hard drives have been property destroyed.


Springfield Hard Drive Destruction Services Include:

*Additional service fee applies.


Compliant with Privacy legislation and Regulations

As outlined, hard drive destruction is the only answer for guaranteed data elimination from your hard drive.  Our hard drive destruction services are executed by qualified and trained specialists, who offer you a secure and complete method for the disposal of your hard drives. In fact, we are NAID and ISO certified; specifically we are NAID Certified for hard drive shredding.

When you work with PROSHRED, you benefit from destruction solutions that adhere to key industry regulations, including those dictated under:


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